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  1. welshjane

    THR Hippy conquers Mt Everest (well, not quite!)

    Hello fellow hippies I just couldn't resist visiting the forum just one more time 'pour encourager les autres'. I have recently returned from a fantastic trek in the Everest region of Nepal, during which we trekked up to 8 hours each day, up and down really, really steep paths with lots of...
  2. welshjane

    THR Hippy birthday to me! Welshjane's 12 month update

    Hello all you lovely hippies! There are probably only a few people around here who remember me, so I'll try to keep this short. I'm not familiar enough with the new-look forum to be able to find my old thread, but anyway, things have moved on since then - in fact they've moved on a whole 12...
  3. welshjane

    How to add to a thread in the library?

    Actually I have two questions: 1. I'd like to respond to the thread about stool softeners in the library, but I'm told I can't post a reply. Yet there are several replies there from other members, so why can't I do it? 2. I posted a recipe for constipation in the recipes thread in the...
  4. welshjane

    THR SW Coast Path here I come! Welshjane's post-op thread

    Hello everyone! Thank you for all your good wishes. I'm now home and eager to tell you how it went. It was so frustrating not being able to even get a phone signal in the hospital - the ward I was in this time was even worse than the first time. Anyway, never mind, that's all over and I'm not...
  5. welshjane

    Welshjane's 2nd THR - pre-op thread

    Hi, it's good to be back, this time in the company of a whole new set of Bonesmarties, even though it was only 3 months yesterday since my first THR. I spent the afternoon in pre-op at the Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Orthopoedic Hospital near Oswestry (RJAH for short). I'm always reading that...
  6. welshjane

    THR Down to one crutch already!

    Hello, congratulations to Girlienerd and Dallassarah! We all came through all right. I'm now wondering why I got so scared about the whole thing. My recovery has been fantastic. DIdn't post when I was in hospital because the reception there was so lousy - our ward was right underneath the...
  7. welshjane

    Hips deteriorated after radiotherapy

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and very glad to have found it. I was wondering whether my experience is unusual, as my consultant was a bit worried about operating. I had a diagnosis of anal cancer exactly a year ago, and was treated with chemoradiation, the radiotherapy being in the pelvic...

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