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  1. welshjane

    Constipation and stool softeners

    Being a nutritional therapist, I tend to think in terms of 'food as medicine'. To that end, I've been working at some healthy flapjacks that may assist with constipation in hospital - a problem most of us suffer from because of the pain meds. Here is the recipe: 100g/ ½ cup coconut oil 90g /...
  2. welshjane

    THR DallasSarah post op update!

    Hi Sarah, I got an alert because Jetlag posted on your thread. Happy 3rd anniversary from Wales! Hope you're doing well, and say hello to Miles from me. I'd clean forgo, but my anniversary is coming up shortly too. Love, Jane
  3. welshjane

    THR Poppet survived a major fall!

    Well, @Poppet , you won't believe this. I haven't been on Bonesmart for a very long time, but I am wide awake in the middle of the night (thanks to steroids), and I thought to myself, 'I must find out how Poppet is doing these days, ss she didn't answer my last email' (hint, hint). So I logged...
  4. welshjane

    THR New hip 3/7/12

    Oh Cathy, that's fantastic news! You have a wise and wonderful surgeon who has just given you the best possible Christmas present - which you richly deserve after all you've been through. It's the middle of the night here, but now I can go to sleep knowing that you're OK and already on the...
  5. welshjane

    THR New hip 3/7/12

    Oh Cathy, I hope you got the PM I sent you a few days ago. I have been watching your thread wondering where you were. So I'm glad to hear that your absence was due to busyness and nothing else. I, too, have good feelings about your surgery. The very best of luck - my thoughts are with you. Jane
  6. welshjane

    Revision THR Has anyone ever heard of late onset metal hypersensitivity in a ceramic on ceramic hip

    Oh Z, delighted to hear you sounding so chipper! I should have guessed that you'd be doing laps round the room as soon as you woke up from the op. There's no keeping a good man down. Well done, you. Now I'm not going to give any advice about resting, icing, elevating because a) everyone...
  7. welshjane

    Revision THR Has anyone ever heard of late onset metal hypersensitivity in a ceramic on ceramic hip

    Hello Z, just dropping by to wish you all the best for Thursday. I won't forget as that is the day I have my chemo injection (sorry, shot). I've been on chemo in tablet form up to now, which hasn't been too bad so far. Can't quite decide which I'd rather be having - your surgery or my poison...
  8. welshjane

    Revision THR Has anyone ever heard of late onset metal hypersensitivity in a ceramic on ceramic hip

    Hello Z, just popping by to wish you all the best for your surgery on 5th Dec. Your research is impressive and it yields results - good on you! Your OS must really welcome the chance to interact with such a very well-informed and proactive patient. My research, too, yielded dividends, in that...
  9. welshjane

    THR New hip 3/7/12

    Hello Cathy, what wonderful news that you have found a surgeon whom you trust, and who is going to sort out your hip. I am so, so happy for you. I'm not around here much, having found an online forum for my own (rare) cancer where I can share in a more appropriate setting, but I do...
  10. welshjane

    Tai Chi

    Hello Lynda S, What kind of Tai Chi do you practise? Because a lot of the preparatory exercises and Qi gong exercises can be done sitting down, so having a THR shouldn't stop you practising! I have been doing Yang family long form for many years, and I was back in class 2 weeks after THR...
  11. welshjane

    Revision THR Has anyone ever heard of late onset metal hypersensitivity in a ceramic on ceramic hip

    Oh Z, I just popped on here after months of absence to wish Poppet a happy birthday, and I saw your thread just below hers. I am so, so sorry to hear that you are having this trouble. Josephine's analysis sounds very technical to me, so all I as a layperson can say is that my thoughts are very...
  12. welshjane

    THR Hippy conquers Mt Everest (well, not quite!)

    You are all so kind to respond to my post. I really only intended it to encourage others, not to moan about my own situation. I am so, so lucky. First of all, lucky that I had the THRs done in the first place, and secondly that I could afford to indulge one of my dearest wishes by going to...
  13. welshjane

    THR Hippy conquers Mt Everest (well, not quite!)

    Hello fellow hippies I just couldn't resist visiting the forum just one more time 'pour encourager les autres'. I have recently returned from a fantastic trek in the Everest region of Nepal, during which we trekked up to 8 hours each day, up and down really, really steep paths with lots of...
  14. welshjane

    Class of 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 Hippies

    Hello dear Bonesmarties It is the one year anniversary of my LTHR today and I had been looking forward to celebrating it here at Bomesmart. Both hips are absolutely fine. However, it is with a heavy heart that I have to report that my cancer has returned, and is now in lymph nodes between my...
  15. welshjane

    Crikey where has that year gone

    Hello you Angel of the North, you. Just had to drop by and say what an uplifting post. No wonder you're feeling a bit emotional today! I can just see you dancing up the street with the little girl in your arms - what a lovely sight that must be. As you can see, I do drop in on the forum from...
  16. welshjane

    THR staffsknot story so far

    Alan, what a wise man you are! Crazy (swimming in that cold water????) but very wise. You always talk such good sense, and so eloquently. Congratulations on the goldish medal, and well-deserved. Who else aged between 70 and 80 would brave those conditions? So what if you were first in a...
  17. welshjane

    THR DallasSarah post op update!

    Hey DallasSarah, you're coming to England???!! I'll email you and see whether we can meet up. That would be sooo great!
  18. welshjane

    THR Anniepops THR Recovery

    Happy New Year Ann! Sorry to hear that things have gone backwards a bit for you. But that just seems to be the case with recovery for lots of people - two steps forward and one back. But, if this makes sense, even the going backwards is part of the forward drive. At present I'm supporting a...
  19. welshjane

    THR Sharon's Anniversary Waltz

    Hi Sharon, I keep trying to wean myself away from BS, then I pop in here and read something fantastic that I just have to comment on. Firstly, congratulations on your elevated status - richly deserved. What an inspiration you are to everyone here! And it was just so uplifting to read about...
  20. welshjane

    THR New hip 3/7/12

    Oh Cathy, I'm not posting in the forum much these days, but I just had to write to you to offer you some support. My heart goes out to you, it really does. I'm so, so sorry to hear that you are hurting. Z's observation about Lyme's disease might be an interesting lead, especially considering...

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