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  1. Thesoutherncook

    TKR Thesoutherncook's Second Time Around!

    Today is my one year anniversary on my THR! I can hardly believe it! I have absolutely no pain or discomfort or restrictions! Totally amazing! This past year I have been to Italy for 2 weeks, Paris for a week, resumed all local activities and community involvement, hosted company several...
  2. Thesoutherncook


    Today is my one year anniversary on my THR! I can hardly believe it! I have absolutely no pain or discomfort or restrictions! Totally amazing! This past year I have been to Italy for 2 weeks, Paris for a week, resumed all local activities and community involvement, hosted company several...
  3. Thesoutherncook

    TKR Thesoutherncook's Second Time Around!

    Hi All! Just popping in to say stay the course, don’t give up, do what you need to and soon you will be better than ever! I do not regret any of the 3 replacements I have had and can honestly say they have greatly improved my quality of life! Hard work? Yes! Painful recovery? Yes! But totally...
  4. Thesoutherncook

    Revision TKR Jan’s new knees- 1 for the left-2 for the right<

    Hey Sweet Friend, I was just stopping by to see if anyone I knew was still active on BS and found your thread! What a journey this has been for you! I wish you well with this next surgery. And fingers crossed and prayers going up that this is your last! Love and hugs
  5. Thesoutherncook


    @SurreyGirl I did not use anything on the 2 wk trip to Italy ( or the week in Paris). But, I did call “time out” several times! I took my cute switch stick folding cane just in case, but didn’t need it. I find long car rides uncomfortable- I can do it, but the hip complains!
  6. Thesoutherncook


    Hi! Yep, that's me...swooping in! All is well in my little corner of the world. Hip is good, knees are problems! I took a friend for a consult with my OS and he was all grins when he saw me and heard my report of 17k steps in one day in Paris! The nasty wet weather has kept me inside...
  7. Thesoutherncook

    THR The fun part

    Hi Friend! Glad to see you are progressing as multiple bionic! I’ve not been on in quite a while ( life and other such stuff) but have thought of you and happy to catch up. I hate hearing about those nasty colds! Yuck! Hope your head is clearing and your hippie joints are jumping! All the best...
  8. Thesoutherncook


    We've just returned from 2 wks in Italy. Spent 1st week in Rome and 2nd in Florence. It was great! Here are some THR and TKR observations: 1. I dealt with security proactively and did not set off a single alarm! I told security guards about the artificial knees and hip BEFORE I reached the...
  9. Thesoutherncook

    about time!

    Two TKR and 1 THR! If I can help, let me know!
  10. Thesoutherncook

    Information needed about wedge cushions

    Hi! Jumping in to say hello and share the wedge I've used for 2 TKR and a THR! For knees, I stacked one bed pillow vertically up the slope so that my leg was straight. I am 5’ tall with short legs. Hope this helps! All the best on your surgery and recovery! You CAN do this, just be patient! We...
  11. Thesoutherncook


    Last call for those who wish to follow our 2 wk trip to Italy via email. Send me a personal message and I will add you to my list of virtual travelers! I write a daily journal for my friends to share our travels from the comfort of home. I promise not to send any other email nor will I sell you...
  12. Thesoutherncook


    @lovesstars We live on a mountain, so no flooding in our home. We likely will lose power die to downed trees. Fingers crossed that by the time it reaches us, it will be much weaker. Here is the device for elevating legs on long flights. We are flying from ATL to Rome for a week, then on to...
  13. Thesoutherncook

    THR The fun part

    We're hoping she will blow herself out before arriving here...pralines or not, I won't welcome her here!
  14. Thesoutherncook


    :wave:@Layla Thanks for the shout out! 3 months today and I celebrated at the dentist for cleaning! Lol! And, yes, my OS requires antibiotics for cleaning and dental procedures! I figure the benefits outweigh the risk, especially with 3 joints! I'm doing great! Gaining stamina every week! We...
  15. Thesoutherncook

    THR The fun part

    @Bone-obo, We have plenty of room if you need a port in the storm! You can have the entire “terrace level”!
  16. Thesoutherncook

    Bilateral TKR Bilateral knees and left hip

    Hi @Knees2Hip! Welcome to the Triple Joint Club! We are a tough group for sure! I empathize with your lower back and piriformis pain. Been there, too. There is a great stretch for this...check out YouTube or check with your PT. I have an open “drop in” arrangement with my PT since, as he calls...
  17. Thesoutherncook

    THR Cathy

    @clpankau I'm so sorry to hear of your husband's health issues. Hopefully both of you will be on the road to full recovery soon! My second TKR was a little out of the ordinary as it was done outpatient. I was discharged 4 hrs after the surgery. PT worked with me before discharge and I walked a...
  18. Thesoutherncook


    @Layla When we travel, I email a daily journal along with pictures to those who want to travel vicariously with us. PM me your email address if you're interested. I'll be going to Paris Thanksgiving week on a “girl trip”, too.
  19. Thesoutherncook


    Thanks for checking on me, @Layla ! ONLY two months? Gosh, I feel more like 6 months! The hip is doing great! It lets me know when it needs to slow down. I'm building up stamina and testing its limits every now and then. You know, I have a 2 wk trip to Italy in October! Got to build up strength...
  20. Thesoutherncook

    Welcome to the June Sunbeams'2018 Hip Recovery Club!

    Hi Gang! We're closing in on 2 months post op and my new hip is doing great! I've walked 1/2 mile on the track, shopped all over Costco, am doing all of the meal prep, grocery shopping, driving...gosh, almost back to normal! I have almost daily swelling in the op leg, especially in the upper...

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