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    TKR Recovering from TKR May 3

    Just got home yesterday. Surgery went fine although evidently there was more inflammation in the lining than they expected. (And I thought this was my good knee...) In the recovery room, I suddenly couldn't get enough air. I was gasping for about an hour while they tried to resolve it. Since...
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    Persistent bursitis--to TKR or not to TKR?

    I posted here a while back. My second TKR (left) is scheduled for May 3. However, I have had bursitis in my right knee since last fall. It prevents me from doing any exercise--even recumbent bicycling on the lowest setting causes pain. When I'm resting, there isn't any or much pain, but the...
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    TKR Problems after TKR

    Hi, this is my first post here after occasionally lurking and being impressed. I had a TKR last June and have followed through with PT. However, a couple of things seem to be going wrong. X-ray shows that my kneecap has moved laterally. This doesn't cause any pain, but it concerns me because I...

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