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  1. Thesoutherncook


    My friend says cakes are done, people are finished. By this time tomorrow, I will be done/finished and headed down the road to recovery!
  2. Thesoutherncook

    Third time is a charm?

    Three joints in 3 years! I should change my user name to Bionic Grandma! Two TKR, now headed into THR. Until OS appt last week, I had NOT a CLUE! In January, feeling wonderful, I booked a trip to Paris April 13 and Italy in October! Now what? I'm desparately searching for pain relief in order to...
  3. Thesoutherncook

    TKR Thesoutherncook's Second Time Around!

    Ok, heading to shower and use the wipes for surgery prep.... we leave home early tomorrow am and will return around 9pm, so will see you all on the other side! Would someone please move my thread to recovery?? I have not a clue how to!! ( Sounding a little needy now? ) @KarriB ??
  4. Thesoutherncook

    Second time around!

    July 18 will be TKR #2! The old knee feels like walking on gravel, so I look forward to this replacement with a sports model smooth working knee! Going to a different surgeon (in ATL ) this time who does this as OUTPATIENT!
  5. Thesoutherncook

    TKR Sounds

    Today while on a recumbent bike at PT, I made my first backpeddaling rotation but with much pain and a loud popping! After I got my breath, I went back to just rocking the bike with no rotation. Could the noise have been scar tissue popping!

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