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  1. zjrog

    [TKR] Roger got a new left knee

    A quick update. After Gastric Sleeve surgery in October, I am down 85 pounds. Down 107 from my heaviest last May! Ok. Last month I decided to try Eufflexa gel injections again. After the three rounds, I have to admit a slight improvement. And, I had my orthopedic check my left ankle, nothing...
  2. zjrog

    [TKR] Roger got a new left knee

    So very much positive has happened as well. As mentioned, our daughter married 2 years ago, and they are still happy. He is Army Reserve and spent a year on Active Duty for some training, that pays off big outside the military in BioMed repair, Daughter is changing jobs for a healthy pay...
  3. zjrog

    [TKR] Roger got a new left knee

    @Pumpkln Thank you. Been just a bit hairy the last couple years, but glad to still be moving forward no matter what! @sistersinhim Thank you, it is an interesting journey no doubt! And I'm hoping for some relief with the gel. I cannot straighten my knee completely which is causing issues in my...
  4. zjrog

    [TKR] Roger got a new left knee

    I cannot believe I have not looked in here for so long!!! Many apologies to all! THere have just been too many things going in life and I fell out of touch here. And seems, my original threads are now locked. I should have looked in more frequently! My left knee turmed 8 last month, and is...
  5. zjrog

    Recovering a knee - from one who knows!

    For those of you who are a fairly active kinds of people, I'm going to give you the best advice I can. Slow down, relax. You are not in charge. Your knee is. I was chomping at the bit too, to get on with life and things I wanted to do. I had a couple friends kept all but holding me down when I...
  6. zjrog

    Roger checks in!

    @Josephine, that humbles me beyond words. Should have shown them the jump off the ATV!!! @Clipless, That 29er is something else. I had given my old Gary Fisher MTB to my son. Couldn't stand to look at it. The 29er got me rolling , but it's nice to have it, and another old MTB I wanted when I...
  7. zjrog

    Roger checks in!

    Thanks Jamie. I went to see my PT the other day to get my neck wrenched on, but he wasn't in. Instead, I talked with a knee guy, 2 months out and thinking he was wasting time in PT... He was only at 125* or so and thinking he was good to do it all on his own. I told him he needed to finish...
  8. zjrog

    Roger checks in!

    We had wondered what happened to him over the years, it was good to be back in touch and we stay in touch. As good as family... Chris, it's good to be back in the fold here. I all but lived in here for a while it seemed. I don't have that sort of time to offer again, but I hope to inspire...
  9. zjrog

    Roger checks in!

    KELLY!!!! Oh my goodness. When he reached out to us a couple years ago, it was amazing to meet his wife and kids... But when he sent me that bicycle.... Oh my. It was so unexpected, but it got me motivated to ride again. I don't even really think about my knee. I fell a couple weeks...
  10. zjrog

    Roger checks in!

    Let me first apologize to staff and old friends, life has really been in my way... And, I took a break. I hope to be around a bit more again. I miss helping the new knee folks!!! To those that don't know me, I had a Stryker Triathlon installed in November of 2010. I did all my PT, and have...
  11. zjrog

    [TKR] Roger got a new left knee

    Let me start this installment with good news. My daughter is in contention for a promotion within her group. Yes, after such a short period, and over many that have been there a while. Second, while my son had hired into a company as an intern, they have hired him full time with full benefits...
  12. zjrog

    Conservative treatment vs Conserving my life and sanity

    Have you heard anything new? Have you been able to see the new doc? Sadly, if you move soon, you might have to wait, but you might also wind up with a better pool of doctors...
  13. zjrog

    [TKR] Walking on a treadmill post op

    Of course, I am probably the LAST person that should comment on this topic... First, was it your own doctor that said "NO" to the treadmill? Or some otehr person in authority? Personally, at about 15 weeks I was on the treadmill and jogging a bit at a time. I had already been on the stationary...
  14. zjrog

    [TKR] FiFi's TKR Recovery

    I know its early still, but welcome to the other side!
  15. zjrog

    [TKR] Roger got a new left knee

    You are no more a cyclist than I am, brother! But its good to beat on a fear and win.

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