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    Tykey reacted to sistersinhim's post in the thread TKR Tykey's second knee replacement with Like Like.
    Oh no, Tykey! Thank God you are OK. I fall every couple of months and somehow manage to always twist and land on my hip and side. That's...
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    @Jaycey. I'm doing better than the first knee recovery. That time, after 3 or 4 weeks, still on crutches, I took the dogs out in the...
  • Tykey
    I forgot to mention that I inadvertently learned a new skill a couple of days ago ie imitating an earthquake! We have a beautiful...
  • Tykey
    Hi folks It's now 18 months since my second tkr, and I thought I'd pop in to make sure you are all OK. Things are great here, but I...
  • Tykey
    This is a British point of view, specifically from God's Own county of Yorkshire, where we are famous for not wasting money. We've got 5...
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    Tykey reacted to longleg's post in the thread TKR Knee number 2 with Like Like.
    That's very true! I am 64 so was in my mid 50s for the first one and am not as fit as I was, but, knowing more now, I seem to be coping...
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    Tykey replied to the thread TKR Knee number 2.
    Hello from one Brit to another. My second knee was 10 years after the first, at the age of 71. Recovery was just as unspectacular as...
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    Tykey replied to the thread TKR Does the pain ever go away?.
    Your limping isnt helping. Is the limp causing the pain, or the pain causing the limp?. Because you mentioned that your leg feels...


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