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    Too Much

    I missed 'posting' for week six and here I am one day short of week seven. Missed six because I was just enjoying and having too much fun. Can't believe the progress in a week and a half. Still using cane for security and peace of mind but am more than capable of walking short distances...
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    Swelling & Stiffness after sitting...?

    I'm 5 1/2 weeks out of THR and seem to be making progress but have questions regarding slight swelling around incision and stiffness in joint after even brief sitting. Walk about 1/2 mile with cane and feel fine but any sitting really irritates the hip.... looking for any input on subject...
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    Week 5 and the sunshines again

    Just completed week 5 and the world has suddenly become a place of: driving a car, going out to dinner, shopping, and enjoying life again. Prior to THR life wasn't a lot of fun and certainly very little pleasure. I now feel alive again...yes there is stiffness and some aches but in comparison...
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    Week 4

    Completed week 4 today and it's hard to believe that two weeks ago I was in such terrible shape. Had check up with doc yesterday and was advised to keep on keeping on...excellent progress. Am now using cane to get around and feel great. Sleeping at night is improving and can now sleep on...
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    week 3 and a different world

    At week 2 I thought oh what have I gotten myself into. Today is end of week 3 and I can't believe the pain pills, walking with cane but still use walker on more difficult missions. Sleep is still a problem but have found that non operative side sleep is becoming longer each day...
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    two weeks after

    It has been two weeks since THR and am looking for direction. Therapy is going well but am still having leg pain...sleep at night is very difficult. I must still use walker to get around although I can put weight on new hip. Anyone there at similiar recovery point?


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