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    Bilateral TKR Tim's Recovery Thread

    Before my Bi Lat TKR, I had a good set of knee pads that I used when having to do anything at ground level. they are in the Motor Home and I need to go get them and see if they will work for me. Fingers crossed!!!
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    Bilateral TKR Tim's Recovery Thread

    OK time for an update, I am coming up on 11 months post Sx, and can tell you that working from home has actually helped my knees. I am one of those fortunate enough to work from home , and have not missed any pay during this Virus Event. My office is in the basement and I have found that...
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    Bilateral TKR Tim's Recovery Thread

    She will not look at the photos or any of the You Tube videos. I did watch a full operation on you tube before my Sx because my Engineering mind wanted to know what they were going to do. This helps me process and understand what I am going through. Don't get me wrong, I love my wife and to be...
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    Bilateral TKR Tim's Recovery Thread

    yes nice well meaning person who happens to sleep in my bed, LOL
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    Bilateral TKR Tim's Recovery Thread

    Hurting is mostly just discomfort. I have read of others saying it is like there is a band around their knees which I have as well., but it is always getting a bit better each week. I have noticed that for a two or three day stretch I will have a medium sharp pain in a specific spot. After a...
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    Bilateral TKR Tim's Recovery Thread

    Thanks Roy, from what I have read I thought things were going ok but have had family members fussing over my lack of progress and that I shouldn't still be hurting. I will keep up with my low impact exercises and walking.
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    Bilateral TKR Tim's Recovery Thread

    Good morning All, Been lurking for awhile and decided to take the plunge. I had Bi-Lateral TKR 5/23/19, so have passed the 6 month mark. My surgical experience was a rough one. While the blocks in my legs worked the spinal did not and I awoke with full on pain, not the 24 - 36 hours of block...


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