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    Announcing the 2012 New Year's Party

    Hi!!! It's been a long time since I have been here. Great to see my old friends!
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    My post-op blog No 2

    Josephine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its Chuck, AKA: Titanuiman. How are you? You had an operation? Well, I hope God heals you well and that your up and running. Its been 16 months since my TKR. Im jog walking, leg pressing 900 pounds and maintained 200 pounds in weight . I was about 250 when...
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    Hello To All My Friends!!

    Hi again everyone..I went for my 6 month check up today. All is well and I asked my Dr. if I was the worst pain in the A$$ he ever operated on. He said yes, and that a pain in the A$$ wasnt the words he used, lol. Im glad to hear from all of you and yes, Josephine..I will always be one of your...
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    Hello To All My Friends!!

    WOW- Glad to hear from you all! Im glad everyone is doing well! Kath, you will be ok. Its just a matter of time...God Bless you all! I will keep in touch and check this forum from time to time! Chuck Tman
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    Hello To All My Friends!!

    PS; Its been about 6 months since my TKR.....the Doctor said it may take six months to one year to feel back to normal. I guess I should have listened to him instead of whining, lol!
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    Hello To All My Friends!!

    Hi everyone! Its been a long time since I visited with you all. Sorry for being such a slacker. I wanted to share that all is well here and I have actually forgotten that I have a metal knee. The pain is gone and Im back to my normal self. My buddy Scotty is home but without a knee. He has...
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    fixed or medial pivot bearing?

    Hi Meamgray: If you still have doubts please take the time to investigate and reasearch your TKR prosthesis completely. I took 6 months to investigate and read about my Zimmer before I gave the Dr. the ok. Reach out and speak to people with the same prosthesis. PLEASE, PLEASE be 100% in your...
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    may need some help

    God Bless Bro....Im doing ok up here in Joisey and the riding season is among us!
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    may need some help

    Hey GaTiger: Its been a while since we chatted. Sorry to see that your in the situation your in. All I can share is that I had my 19 years old cat put to sleep 3 weeks ago. It was very hard, but he is resting now and all I have are good thoughts of him, especially when I see his pictures. Bro...
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    fixed or medial pivot bearing?

    Hi Meamgray, Its not coincidence that I just read your post. God puts us in places for a reason. I just read yesterday, and I beleive it was on the Hospital for Special Surgery in New Yorks's website that the "pivot" TKR prosthetic device has not proven itself better than the "normal"...
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    Are you practicing walking??

    GA: Have you been doing your Harley therapy?
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    Gotten myself into trouble...

    Doug, we did Choir Practice on a regular basis with the "evidence" that we confiscated from underage drinkers. If we came up dry on a shift, we always had one place that opened at 7am. I get a hangover headache just thinking about it now! My addiction is Edy's cookies and cream now. I just...
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    A Thursday Pondering...

    Doug, I just read your post. Is there any way I can PM you?
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    Oh my...............one never knows, do one? and I thought it was a hot buttered blueberry muffin. :)
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    Extreme Soreness

    Well, my OS told me he was an OS and was not specifically into managing pain and referred me to a Sport Medicine/Pain Management Doctor in his office. I decided to go to a well know Pain Management Doctor in the next County and the insurance covered it. He put me on a non narcotic long term...


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