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    TKR Lacking adequate flexion

    OOPs! Yes, 2017!
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    TKR Lacking adequate flexion

    Celle, Yes my surgery was March 6, 1917! I saw my surgeon a year ago with these same complaints and he didn't seem to know what to say so I figured I would have to live with the way my knee was. Finally, this year I decided to get a second opinion and saw this surgeon upon recommendion of a...
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    TKR Lacking adequate flexion

    Lindylee, Thanks for your reply. He pulled my lower leg forward while my leg was flexed and said there was some instability there, more than he was comfortable with, rated it 5-6 but I don't know what that meant. No, he did not say what might be causing it and I didn't think to ask. Of...
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    TKR Lacking adequate flexion

    My left TKR was done March 6, 2017. I still have alot of stiffness and discomfort/soreness daily. Pain level 1-2, sometimes 3-4 daily. Also feel a painful "snapping" of hamstring tendon frequently especially when I'm more active. My big concern is my flexion is only 100-105 as measured by OS...


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