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    Bilateral THR Today is my 5 year anniversary

    Today marks my 5 year anniversary of bilateral THR at the Rothman Institute in Philadelphia, PA. Though it has been almost 3 years since my last post, I am thankful every day for the wonderful folks at Bonesmart and everything they did. I am also so very thankful to all of my Bonesmart friends...
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    Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome?

    Hi all. I've been having some right knee pain recently that has caused me to stop working out for about 6 weeks with no improvement. So, I visited with my PT (from my hip surgery recovery) because I think he is the greatest thing since sliced bread and he advises me that he has seen this many...
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    Bilateral THR

    Congrats LarG. As a fellow bilat, I want to encourage you to take your time in your recovery. And may you have a very successful recovery!
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    THR 1st April Surgery and doing well

    Jyoti--we share a surgery date....April Fool's day! I know I got my date in 2009, because it happened to be open on relatively short notice ( I wonder why). It was a great date for me and I hope for you!
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    Questions About Have Both Hips Replaced At Once...

    Hi MaryJane-- I had BTHR 2 years ago and I had very successful results. From your description, I may have been more fit than you going in to the surgery, but I was also told that I would be in a wheelchair within 1 year if I did not have it done. I had several choices, from a 6 -8 week stagger...
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    Direct Anterior Approach v. Posterior

    Hi Donna--I had BTHR, DAA, as a result of SCFE at the age of 51. My SCFE was never diagnosed or treated. I am a fan of the DAA and I recovered swiftly. However, as several have said here, your choice of a surgeon is the most important thing here. Along those lines, I would suggest that you...
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    April 1st Surgery

    Kimmie--You picked a great date in April 1. I am enjoying my 2 year anniversary and I am wishing for you great success.
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    What are you looking forward to after surgery?

    All of the above and being able to say to my friends "Just call me swivel hips" and mean it!
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    April 1, 2011--2 year anniversary BTHR

    Friday, April 1 will be my 2 year anniversary of my BTHR surgery. To say that my surgery went well would be an understatement and so I just wanted to, once again, thank all of the folks at BoneSmart for all of their help, which was invaluable. It's nice to see many of the same names still...
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    Found A New OS!! Bi-Lateral

    Cfour--Congrats on this decision. I trust it will be great. It was for me. I am MOM and I have had no problems but I am happy for all of your choices.
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    Re bilateral hip replacement

    Nanny-I confess to being a fan of simultaneous bilateral surgery. I have a friend who had a 4 month interval between replacements. In hindsight he said he would have preferred a shorter time period between surgeries. Assuming the surgery goes well, once you remember again what it is like to...
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    1 Year Hip Anniversary for YoungM!

    Hi Jack--First, I recovered pretty quickly. But at about 6 months, I found myself being able to run normally (for short distances) with the dog without feeling our of place. I also was able to ride a bike again without any pain. On December 21, 2009, that's about 8 months out or so, I was...
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    1 Year Hip Anniversary for YoungM!

    Melissa--Nice to hear from someone I recall from 1 year ago. I'm glad you are doing great. I remember well your apprehension and mine. Thank goodness for Josephine, Jamie you (and others in our timeframe), and everyone who helped me through a difficult time. The support we received here was...
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    More from my boss he is crazy!!!!

    Joni--I don't think it is harassment technically. However, it may very well be illegal, depending upon several factors, including the size of your company. I would call a lawyer in your home state. California is very employee friendly and a lawyer will be able to tell you your rights in this area.
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    Is Anyone Getting Both Hips Done At Once

    Hi Cfour--yes, I came straight home. Surgery was on a Wednesday morning and my wife drove me home on Friday afternoon. It was easy but I should caution you that I had a very good recovery and results differ. I even stopped for dinner on the way home. I did consider spending the weekend in a...


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