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    TKR Fluid on knee

    Thank you to all responses. I will read the recovery articles.! The pain and swelling is different from the first. I am impatient. Tr right knee was starting to feel normal right before surgery and now that I am not able to airdynne and walk as much, the right knee is tightening and has the...
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    TKR Fluid on knee

    Yes Right TKR was July 2, 2020. Left Dec 7, 2020
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    TKR Fluid on knee

    Had TKR in left knee Dec 7 ,2020. I have been doing well, great ROM, but recently started having spasms in knee. Pt has been working with me because they said I have a pocket of fluid that needs to be redirected. I’m going on 7 weeks out and feel as if this is setting me behind. I had ty knee...
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    TKR TKR both knees

    Having TKR right knee first. If everything goes well will have left knee 4-6 weeks later.


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