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    Partial Knee Replacement Options

    I am a female and 49. My doctor also sent me to physical therapy after my last visit. He seems to think my muscles are too tight (quads, especially). I think this has helped some. A few times I have caught myself walking with no pain, although at this point it is short lived.
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    Partial Knee Replacement

    I have that pain when I walk, although mine has been there all along. I think I feel better than before my pkr, but sometimes I am not sure. the doctor tried Celebrex again last month, it didn't help, yesterday I started predisone for two weeks. The doctor seems to think I over did it, but I...
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    Partial Knee Replacement Options

    I had the oxford partial knee 3 months ago, and although I feel better, I am having pain when I walk, also pain going up and down stairs. The doctor has put me back on meds and now wants pt and maybe a bone scan. Has anyone else had pain in the bottom lateral side of the knee when walking?


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