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    • SJW
      SJW reacted to beachy's post in the thread TKR SJW's Recovery with Like Like.
      Hang in there! At 9 weeks it is a drag. You've been dealing with recovery for so long and want it OVER. I can't stress ice and...
    • SJW
      SJW replied to the thread TKR SJW's Recovery.
      As always thank you for the great advice - I really appreciate it. I peruse through Bonesmart every day and couldn’t imagine going...
    • SJW
      Well I am starting week 9 and it has been up and down. I am going to physio twice a week (started on day 14) but will stop this week as...
    • SJW
      SJW replied to the thread TKR Second TKR!.
      I am getting my left TKR on Tuesday. I had my right TKR done 3 years ago and it wasn’t a great experience. I am nervous as the first one...
    • SJW
      SJW replied to the thread TKR Cementless tkr.
      Thanks for your response. I had cement on my right knee and am nervous about cementless.
    • SJW
      I am getting a right tkr in a couple of weeks and have been asked to participate in a clinical trial for a cementless tkr. I have...
    • SJW
      SJW reacted to beachy's post in the thread TKR I'm ready with Like Like.
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