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    TKR Miserable and still limping

    The dreaded IT band. I had half an hour of my physio's elbow in my left one yesterday. . O.M.Goodness. It hurt but it eased the band. I can get my right leg up onto the kitchen table and am able to ease into the stretch. Strangely enough, :heehee: I can't, with my left and short of lying on my...
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    TKR TKR Scaredycat10's recovery

    Sara61 I know I'm not on my own here. It's very frustrating isn't it! especially as I have a week's worth of Zopiclone still unopened but in date from my serious eczema bout two years ago after a horsefly set up a disastrous skin reaction. I have moved into a spare room and at the moment, I can...
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    TKR TKR Scaredycat10's recovery

    FourCats Rubyroo We have different medications in the UK, eg, no Tylenol, and even the same brand name can be different. For instance, Benadryl in the US is a great sleep aid, as I found out when a Walgreen pharmacist suggested it to me when ingested prawns took over my skin. Over here, the...
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    TKR TKR Scaredycat10's recovery

    I think today, is the very first day after two and a half months post op, that I can say, 'yes, maybe it was a good idea to have a TKR'. 'It's' still stiff as a board after sitting for a couple of hours [Duplicate Bridge online today] but after a few seconds, once moving, the stiffness almost...
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    TKR TKR Scaredycat10's recovery

    Oh me too! The sensation is so weird, I'd rather leave it and go au naturel for the time being. :heehee:
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    TKR TKR Scaredycat10's recovery

    I am looking at the zinger [singular at the moment] as a positive. Very much an 'ouch' but it tells me the knee is 'alive'. I'm also getting pins and needles occasionally in the outer knee cap where it's numb. It's not ouch but it's definitely a weird feeling. I am down to one crutch when...
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    TKR TKR Scaredycat10's recovery

    I think I have just had my first 'zinger'. Just sitting in the recliner after dinner, legs up and minding my own business with a good book and heck, like a needle jabbing into the kneecap. Certainly enough to wake me up if this happened in the middle of the night. I hope that's the first and...
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    TKR Uncomfortable

    I have hamstring and popliteal strain problems behind the knee and have been told it can be exacerbated by the position of 'the leg' on the operating table. I am assured 'it will go eventually'. Flipping well hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The numbness on my outer knee will also subside apparently too...
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    TKR TKR Scaredycat10's recovery

    I found out pretty quickly years ago how sweaty the skin gets under neoprene. It didn't seem to matter pre knee linear decoration. Now, I wear the wrap just for walking out of the house as I don't want to the scar to get 'upset'. I can't stress enough though, how wonderful the knee feels with it...
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    TKR TKR Recovery surgery on 10/13/21

    alokneedsadvice I'm a week behind you and consider my rehab is going very well but oh, how stiff my knee is after sitting down for a length of time and also when I get out of bed. Even more so than after exercise. I also have periodic nights of an ache so bad, I don't know where to put my leg...
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    TKR TKR Scaredycat10's recovery

    Took my husband for an oncologist appointment yesterday and as it's a long walk, I was a bit concerned about me pushing the wheelchair, so I strapped my knee up in a neoprene open patella wrap. OMGoodness. What a difference. I'm still not confident enough to go out walking with out the...
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    TKR Stiffness - hard to do exercises

    I will be VERY polite here and say 'Oh dear, darned IT band'! [The descriptive word I could use would probably have me banned for life!:heehee:] This innocuous ligament has been the source of many of my left leg problems over the years, probably due to bad gait. My physio has had her elbow into...
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    Knee Infection* Infection after 5 weeks

    @doopy Words fail me...but I'll try! I have no advice at all on the mechanics of your medical problems as my TKR has been straightforward apart from my popliteal issue which has little to do with my surgery. But I can identify with the exhaustion and subsequent tears. I don't sleep more than...
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    TKR Recovery Progress Stalled

    I have to balance my risk of Covid [no gym] and rehabilitating my knee [gym]. The gym I go to is huge and very airy. It's in an aircraft hanger type building and not an enclosed typical gym. Lunch time is probably the best time to go. Triple masked and my own sanitiser will have to suffice...
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    TKR TKR Scaredycat10's recovery

    Back to the gym for me. Triple masked in order to try and ward off the pesky virus droplets. This Christmas Day hostess with the mostess and a new knee spent yesterday icing and regretting the lack of an exercise regime. My knee is SO stiff and whole lower leg is aching, hence the usual lack...


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