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    TKR Hello everyone

    I appreciate your input. This was my attitude about it until this week, when I returned to work and can’t catch up during the day.
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    TKR Hello everyone

    The CBD oil I’m referring to is THC free, and completely legal in my area. I’ve discussed it with my doctor, and he didn’t have any problems with me trying it. I am using an oral, and a topical. It’s quite expensive, so I only plan on trying this short term. I’m just desperate to get some sleep...
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    TKR Hello everyone

    Tomorrow will be 4 weeks post surgery. For the most part, I’m happy with my progress. I’m walking without a cane, driving, and I can go upstairs normally. Down I’m still leading with the bad leg. My biggest complaint is sleep, or lack there of. I’m up every hour and a half or so with pain and...
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    TKR Hello everyone

    Right total knee replacement on 09/24/2019
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    TKR Hello everyone

    I’m glad I found this site; wish I found it sooner! I am currently 1 week post right TKR. My pain is fairly well controlled but I’m surprised at how stiff the muscles in my leg are. Particularly the quad. I think I’m doing well so far. I’m able to walk around the house without a cane, but need...


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