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Recent content by rheerios

  1. rheerios

    THR Anterior Hip June 13 2018

    Thank you. Time flies and feeling great.
  2. rheerios

    THR 7 weeks THR post op and severe hip joint and butt pain

    Easy does it. I still have the gluten pain and I had surgery 6/13/18. I am also an overachiever. I found activity was really important for me and some of the PT exercises really helped. I just started lunges and they are hard. You may not be ready for them. I walk a lot and just recently...
  3. rheerios

    THR Anterior Hip June 13 2018

    @Layla thanks so much.
  4. rheerios

    THR left hip replacement painful, still 4½ weeks in<

    You are doing great. I have some back pain a little too and had a microdiscectomy in 2014. Sometimes when I walk too far it triggers. I started yoga at 8 weeks and it's been helpful. Now at 11 weeks I feel human again. I went back to work much earlier than the 15 week recommendation and I...
  5. rheerios

    THR Cyclist post op Hip replacement

    I had an anterior in June on the right side and I still have numbness in upper thigh and little above the knee. Doc told me it will take time and like @Mojo333 it beats the pain pre-op. You cyclists inspire me and I have been doing a lot of walking and some yoga. Going to hop on the bike...
  6. rheerios

    THR Dogchick's Hippy Recovery Adventure

    @dogchick congrats on your great recovering and your first feendays back at work. Sounds like things are going well. I haven't checked in for some time and love seeing all your progress. Work gets easier and you are doing great! Enjoy!
  7. rheerios

    THR Anterior Hip June 13 2018

    @Layla life has been busy and I haven't had much time to check in. Looks like I have almost 100% ROM (range of motion) in most areas per my PT and now it's time to build my strength back in my hip. It's still quite weak. Doing a lot of walking and now taking some gentle yoga and core...
  8. rheerios

    THR My hip hip hooray journey<

    @editted enjoy nature and time with hubby.
  9. rheerios

    THR Anterior Hip June 13 2018

    Thanks everyone. I did take a very gentle yoga class and it felt great, but my downward dog looks like a floppy dog. Just doing light exercise like the stationery bike, walking and the elliptical. Yes, I want to do more and listening to my body. Stretching feels great. Off to work I go on...
  10. rheerios

    THR My hip hip hooray journey<

    Great news and that was about when I started to feel better. Keep listening to your body because it will always tell you what it needs.
  11. rheerios

    THR Cyclist post op Hip replacement

    I am not a competing cyclist like many of you, bit I do like to ride. My balance hasn't been the best so I haven't attempted my bike yet, but I think it may be ok. I will have to give it a whirl.
  12. rheerios

    THR Anterior Hip June 13 2018

    @Layla good advice and since I am past the "restricted" stage it appears I can do more. @Mojo333 I was waiting for that security alarm to sound off, haha. @Going4fun I love my 89's music and I am an Event Planner. I wanted to get out on the dance floor this past weekend. I will definitely be...
  13. rheerios

    THR Anterior Hip June 13 2018

    Hi all, For the most part I am doing pretty well I know BoneSmart has a different view point on PT and I find when I don't do my stretches and exercises I have adverse effects. Weird, I know. The trip out of town was a short flight so sitting wasn't too bad. I did a ton of walking and forgot...
  14. rheerios

    THR Anterior Hip June 13 2018

    @Mojo333 not bad at all. I didn't even get patted down, haha
  15. rheerios

    THR Anterior Hip June 13 2018

    @Layla sorry for the late response. I was gone over the weekend for my first time on airplane since surgery. I had my first event which set me back a little with some sore muscles the last few days. Doing a little more icing and trying to rest when I can. It's a busy work week and can't wait...

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