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    MUA Renee's TKR, ROM challenging

    Hello, it has been four and a half months seen my knee replacement and thee since my MUA. Everything has been going good, except the outside area of my knee. It is very tender, sore and continually tingling. Is this normal? Also the stiffness in the knee? Thank you in advance!
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    MUA Renee's TKR, ROM challenging

    Hello, I am back to work and things are going ok. I am lucky enough with my job that I can elevate and ice. I am still going to PT, but it is pretty much gentle exercises. I do some stretching, work on the new step and exercise bike. I am able to get to 108 degrees on my own now. I feel...
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    MUA Renee's TKR, ROM challenging

    Thank you! My MUA date was 10/1/19. Any and all advice is welcome. I started back to work on 10/23/19 only have days. Monday the 28th, will begin back to full days. Just a little nervous!
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    MUA Renee's TKR, ROM challenging

    Hello, not sure if this is where I start my first post! I had a TKR on 8/13/19 of the right knee. At 7 weeks, I had a MUA due to not progressing past 85-87 degrees. That was in Oct. 1st. I went to PT daily for ten days. This coming week will be 4 weeks since manipulation. I go back and...


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