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    THR Second THR has been harder than the first

    So it's now five weeks since my TRHR and I'm happy with my progress. I'm still using a walking stick but have been able to walk for 30 minutes non-stop each day this week (albeit on flat ground) and on one day even achieved 10,000 (total) steps for the day. I'm continuing with the physio...
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    THR Second THR has been harder than the first

    Thank you @SE Florida and @Hip4life for sharing your experiences. This forum has certainly been helpful in easing my mind about the swelling and pain in my knee and quads. I'm focusing on doing the recommended walking and lots of rest, elevation etc.
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    THR Second THR has been harder than the first

    Thank so much @Mojo333 and @Layla for your kindness and encouragement. My expectation of this recovery was based on the success of the one last year. It's good to be reminded that I need to start from scratch again and that's it's still so early. I've gone back to the recovery graph and info and...
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    THR Second THR has been harder than the first

    It's only six days postoperative THR on my right hip but my experience is very different from the THR left hip I had in August last year. I realise it's early days, but I have more significant pain around my knee. The pain around my hip is about the same as what I remember. Doing the six...
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    THR on 10 May

    Thank you for the lovely messages of support. I go into hospital tomorrow afternoon in preparation for surgery on the 10th - I'm first on the list. As I've stopped taking the anti-inflammatories, I'm more sure that having the second replacement was the right decision. Fingers crossed that it's a...
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    THR on 10 May

    Having my right hip replacement on 10 May after having left one replaced in August 2018. It's not as painful as the first one despite walking like a duck. I'm more nervous about the idea of having both hips replaced than I was about having the first. Any suggestions?


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