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  1. Peta

    Fell, did the splits and didn't dislocate!

    I seriously need that suit Jamie.......the sooner the better! Thanks everyone - I AM counting myself very lucky that nothing dislocated. However, I am off to the doctor this morning to get my right knee checked blew up to twice its size last night and I can't put weight on it...
  2. Peta

    Fell, did the splits and didn't dislocate!

    Hi everyone......I had an experience today I thought was well worth sharing, particularly with all of you who are anxious about hip replacement surgery. While at work, I slipped on a piece of plastic.....fell to the floor with my left leg out in front of me and my right extended behind me. In...
  3. Peta

    3 years & all is well!

    LOL Jo.....we didn't actually "hatch" the idea at all. When I saw Renee's post it reminded me that my left hip's third birthday was coming up. To be honest, I hadn't realised...........I forget most days that I even HAVE two hip replacements! Which I guess is what it's all about.......isn't it...
  4. Peta

    3 years & all is well!

    I'll drink to that! :cocktail_martini: I found another "sister" on here (aka Renee) and made some wonderful friendships which I will treasure forever! Oh......and it will be three years since my left hip replacement this coming Sunday (the 23rd) and while I'm not running (bad knee).....I'm...
  5. Peta

    March Musketeers Reunion!

    Hi everyone! I'm not sure what prompted me to check out the forum tonight - but I'm glad I did! I can't begin to tell you what a difference having two new hips has made - in a nutshell, I have my life back. I am back working full time (had to go part time when my hips deteriorated about 4 yrs...
  6. Peta

    Head Fiestie turns leaves with Sapphires!!!!

    Sylvia I am so pleased to hear you finally have a date for surgery! I haven't been on the forum much of late - but Janet was kind enough to let me know that you have been booked in. I just wanted to wish you all the very best for the 13th - I will be thinking of you and I'm sending all the...
  7. Peta

    ROM improvement??

    Way to go Karen! (I've just checked and I can do the same thing - haven't tried before! lol) :hehe: Toni I can only speak from my own experience but as far as I'm concerned, my on-going physio post-op was essential as far as getting my full range of motion back again. After my LTHR my then...
  8. Peta

    I'm sad ....

    Oh Jo - don't be sad! I for one will try and pop in and post more often - I promise! I agree about the fun times - lets get them happening again! :jump:
  9. Peta

    Aussie update!

    Aww thank you Jim and Janet! :blush: I'm not exaggerating when I say I feel 20 yrs younger - being pain free is THE best "age reversal" technique ever invented!! :jump:
  10. Peta

    Dragging on!

    Oh Rose..............! So nothing has changed since the last time I checked in with you! That is just wrong.......! :doh:
  11. Peta

    Glucosamine Chondroitin & Joint Health

    Patrikya I couldn't tell you how much money I have spent on these over the counter supplements in the hope that I could stave off both my first and second hip replacements. Unfortunately - in my case, they made no difference whatsoever and I've made the decision (after having both hips...
  12. Peta

    Aussie update!

    Hi Rachel - good to hear from you! And even better to hear how great you are doing! :thmb: I've actually set myself a goal (and haven't told a soul) of entering the Bridge to Brisbane in 2011. It's roughly 10 kms and is in August this year which I think may be a bit too soon, but I'll aim...
  13. Peta

    Famous People

    I had absolutely NO idea that Liza Minelli has had hip replacements! I've just seen her in the Sex and the City 2 movie.............and boy oh boy can she MOVE! If I'm anywhere near as agile at her age I'll be very happy!
  14. Peta

    Aussie update!

    Thanks Jenny - and I'm glad to hear you are still doing so well. Dr M and I are discussing if/when I should have surgery on my left hip again to try and resolve the ongoing tendonitis I have in that thigh. I will be only too happy to have him operate - he's confident it will fix the problem...
  15. Peta

    I Am Back?

    Wonderful to hear it's all over with C4 - wishing you a speedy and full recovery! Welcome to the "other" side! :thmb:

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