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Recent content by pebitpeb

  1. P

    Various questions 1 wk after surgery

    Ciao, I would expect that you would have some discomforts at this time, however pay attention and if you are not seeing improvements in a week or two, then I would contact your surgeon and ask her/him about your situation. I hope your situation changes quickly and wish you the best in...
  2. P

    Hip recovery: 1 year Ago today THR

    Re: 1 year ago today. That is wonderful that you receive positive news for you annual review. I am coming up on 45 day review and hoping to hear good news. All the best to you. pebitpeb Paul
  3. P

    6 Weeks Post Op.

    Saluti Tutti, (Hello to All), I am at the 6 week mark of post op. I am still using two crutches, and being encouraged to go slow and easy by the physical therapists at the rehab center I go to daily, as it is part of the recuperation and medical system here in Italia. I dont know if this is...
  4. P

    From Ukraine-I need friends after THP

    Ciao Valeri, I am Paul, I live in Italy, but I am from the USA. I had my hip replaced 4 weeks ago. Welcome to the forum here, I hope that you are having good health at this time. In Italy I attend school for foreignors and there are 2 Ukraine woman in my class. Take good care Valeri...
  5. P

    Day 16 After the Hip Replacement.

    Hello to All here, just wanted to get a little update out to you all. I am feeling good with the new metal prosthetic in my left hip, after 10 days in the hospital it was good to come home last week(10 days is an Italian thing). I have been doing my exercises that the physical therapists at...
  6. P

    Need Help to Understand

    Thank you ladies for responding. I have been doing all my exercises multiple times a day in bed, sitting at the desk in the room and walking the corridor without pain, it is a true gift of from the surgeon. Today I descended and ascended 40 stairs and did quite well. I am now taking my time...
  7. P

    20 years old getting hips replaced

    This is good news that you tell us the surgery went well and that you are now at home. I think the pain vaies with each person, I am still in the hospital after having had the surgery for my left hip last Wednesday and today is Tuesday. I only had slight pain one day after and since have had...
  8. P

    Need Help to Understand

    Ok, I read that after 5 days many people leave the hospital and go into a rehab. or nursing center for rehab. I am at a loss to understand why in Italy they keep a person so long in the hospital, I arrived on February 25, had the surgery the morning of the 27 and today 6 days after surgery...
  9. P

    New Thread with lots of questions

    Wonderful helpful answers as always Josephine. You experience in this field is wonderful and I am greatful that we have someone here to help with moderating the forum.. I like that idea of the reputation being more important than the actual piece of prosthetic. pebitpeb Paul
  10. P


    I will ask my surgeon for the name, I know it was a metal piece placed into the large bone with the largest ball/head possible for better movement incased in a metal socket. I will attempt to get the name as I would like to know it also, I am learning the language here and maybe you can...
  11. P


    My experience Mikey, I too had fear about the catheter, and when the nurse came in the room with the catheter, I kindly told her that I preferred that it be put into place while I was sleeping in surgery, which is when it has been placed in previous operations I have undergone. They honored...
  12. P

    week 3 and a different world

    More improvement coming Tom it was good to read your post and hear that you are feeling better now and that you are looking postively to the future of full recovery. The sleeping part of this has been a little challenge here in the hospital for me, however they gave me a little something to...
  13. P

    3 day and extremely happy.....

    Hello Everyone, I has just come from laying in the bed doing exercises on the first and second days after surgery to sitting on the edge of the bed doing some exercise yesterday day two and today I am sitting in a chair with all drainage and cathedora removed for urine. I have no pain and have...
  14. P

    80 yr old mom update

    Bravo, this sounds to be a big improvement from the past posts and how wonderful your Mom. As the loving child and supporter, it is good that your mind can rest and that you are seeing these positive improvements. I am rather new hear, however I keep reading especially posts from Josephine and...
  15. P

    Deciding on surgery??

    Good input from everyone in regards to making a decision. I would have to add what quality of life you are having now, what level of pain and discomfort is happening, is your rest affected and are you taking pain medications. The second opinion is needed, I had 4 since the artheritis set in...

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