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    TKR Onward

    I am now at Week 7 and still ice several times daily. Only using Es Acetaminophen alternating with Ibuprofen. I think I was doing great at 115 degrees flexing and -10 extension. Started the recumbent bike at Week six and that put me down for almost 36 hours. Afraid to restart the bike! Is this...
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    TKR I have a new knee!

    Do not despair over the sleeplessness. I read a lot of good books. Suddenly at Week 4, I started sleeping 2-3 hours back to back during the night. I did used meditation tapes by Emmett Miller that really helped. Everything looks better with sleep!
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    TKR Onward

    Is it ever ok to use mild heat for the stiffness? Of course, not directly on the incision. Seems like warmth would soothe the stiffness.
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    TKR Onward

    LTKR on 9/13. I had no idea how difficult this would be! Home PT began at Day 4 and it is helpful. Gentle therapists who do not push me. Start out-patient PT next week (Week4). My biggest issue is exhaustion due to lack of sleep. Pain is not really the issue and is controlled with ES Tylenol...

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