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    TKR Women's Only Question

    Thanks everyone. This has all been very helpful. Trying to cut back the benadryl although sleep is still not so easy. If that doesn't work will go to a doc Josephine - I think I'll take the directed questions to a live doc as opposed to On-line. Thanks for the support
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    TKR Women's Only Question

    Forgot to add date was May 28. Right knee. I am 52. I had tore my ACL in 2005 and was told back then I had Patel and my knee would need to be replaced eventually
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    TKR Women's Only Question

    Thanks for all the replies. I bet it's the benedryl. Started taking Benedryl to fall asleep at week 3 at advice of my doctor because I was getting no sleep whatsoever. It helped me get through at least one REM cycle a night I am still waking up every few hours in a considerable amount of...
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    TKR Women's Only Question

    First I want to give a shout out to this forum. It really has been the most realistic and helpful info I have found on the internet. Many of the websites make it sound like you'll run marathons by week six after a TKR. Wish I had had some of this info prior to my RTKA in May Here's a...
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    Welcome to the May Marvels' 2019 Knee Recovery Club

    Can you add me to the list? TKR May 28.

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