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    Bilateral TKR Loose ligaments

    Hello I had bilateral TKR in 2015 and was doing generally well. Right knee perfect. Left knee issues on and off. I have weakness. It was gone out from under me when I'm walking. Last year I dislocated it 3 times in a matter of 2 weeks. Worst of all I wasn't doing anything when it happened. I was...
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    Kneecaps need replacing 2+ years post-op?

    I went through a double knee replacement 2½ yrs ago. The past year and half I have been having severe pain on my left knee on the outer side of the knee cap. If I walk longer than an hour, do stairs or if I sit and let my leg in a hanging position. I have also had issues of late with my leg...
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    Bilateral TKR newfiemama's Recovery Thread

    Pain is about 7, I am having soreness it almost feels as if the pain is numbing and it throbs in the calf going down to too. I am not too bad for stiffness. I still can not sit on hard chair for more than 15 min other wise I have to have someone help me up. I am on 100mg of Demerol twice a day...
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    Bilateral TKR newfiemama's Recovery Thread

    I will be two months on Thurs the 26th, I have started having swelling in my legs again more so my left which is my weaker one. But I am also having pain from knee down calf and into my toes is this something others have had or is it just muscles and nerves regrowing. I still can not lay my lap...
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    Bilateral TKR newfiemama's Recovery Thread

    Well seen the surgeon about my infection and he said it is healing nicely even though it is still draining pus. I have to take an additional week of antibiotics and re check in a week. Also had my physio session and they said my ROM is perfect now and I can use my cane in the apartment and...
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    Bilateral TKR newfiemama's Recovery Thread

    Morning everyone, I ended up in emergency yesterday with my knee and after 8 hours they said it was an infection in the incision and is not in the new joint. I have been placed on antibiotics 4x a day and I have to see my surgeon this week for him to check on it. By the time I got home I was so...
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    Bilateral TKR newfiemama's Recovery Thread

    Thanks guys for the helpful information, wish I had found this post. It is the best thing I have ever did and no regrets. I am gonna go over to emerg tomorrow to have my insicion looked at. There is quite a bit of heat coming out of it and tender. I will let you know what happens.
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    Bilateral TKR newfiemama's Recovery Thread

    Hello I had BTKR on Jan 29th. Here in Canada we don't go to rehab after I spent 8 days in the hospital some partly due to the pain medication side effects namely severe constipation. My left knee is my problem child also. Today it is giving me more trouble. Not sure if I am brewing an infection...


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