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Recent content by Navfed22

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    TKR Nerve pain! please help

    Helizabug - love the idea of the audiobooks, i will give that a try. as far as the goals and my time schedule vs reality - this has been an education. i am learning (slowly) to let my knee rehab take the time it needs. love this forum!! thanks for your encouragement
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    TKR Nerve pain! please help

    Just to close out the issue and give others an idea of how my recovery is going - since starting the Lyrica, I never had another bout of nerve pain. I am just over 4 weeks post-op, tried to wean off all pain meds and what duly put in place by pain during the nighttime. I also quit the Percocet...
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    TKR Nerve pain! please help

    Good news - doctor prescribed Lyrica - within a day the nerve pain was gone. feel like I am well on the road to recovery. Thanks to all who helped. Graham
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    TKR Nerve pain! please help

    26th December was the day and i am icing and reading - thank you
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    TKR Nerve pain! please help

    Hi, I was scheduled for LTKR in January, but had it done 2 weeks ago today. Surgery went 4 hours as they had problems getting the old ACL pins out, but for me it was a piece of cake (General plus 2 nerve blocks). However I am now a hurting unit and am not sure where to turn. I have been...
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    TKR TKR Outpatient Surgery Center

    thanks guys -sounds like sound advice
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    TKR TKR Outpatient Surgery Center

    awesome - thanks
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    TKR TKR Outpatient Surgery Center

    Hi, wanted to see if anyone has any advice/comments. I am scheduled for a TKR in January and just got a call from my surgeons office yesterday. i was told that the procedure is outpatient and performed at a surgery center and not in a hospital setting. I have had surgeries before including...
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    2020 January Jackpots - Are you having knee surgery in January?

    Hi, Just scheduled for 23JAN20 - happy to get it over with. A quick question, my surgeon wants to operate at an outpatient surgery center - not sure that makes me comfortable - any advice? Cheers

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