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    THR 3 weeks post-hip surgery

    Thank you! I hit a roadblock last week that sent me to the ER. I couldn't walk very far or up a flight of stairs without breathing heavily and heart racing. My neighbor, who is a nurse, didn't like what she was seeing. She took me to the ER and they discovered I had two blood clots in my...
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    THR 3 weeks post-hip surgery

    UPDATE: Had my 4-week post-surgery appointment with my doctor and all is good! I have been given the "all clear" to travel (with rests and if flying taking aspirin to prevent blood clots) driving and going into pools, ocean and tubs! Scar looks good and is very thin. Suggestion to rub Vitamin E...
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    THR 3 weeks post-hip surgery

    Thank you! I had hip surgery on April 19, 2021 on my right hip.
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    THR 3 weeks post-hip surgery

    Hi ya'll! New here and excited to find this great informational forum! My surgery went well and was able to leave hospital the same day after meeting 2 criteria: being able to walk with a walker and go to bathroom. Had 4 sessions of PT total who came to my house. My doctor doesn't believe in a...


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