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    THR Just kind of a bummer

    I am a few weeks ahead of you and was convinced I had LLD, it was between weeks 6-8 for me where I no longer felt it
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    THR Minifab - 30M - LTHR Recovery Thread

    Well team, I've hit 8 weeks officially on Friday and two months in a few days since my surgery and I couldn't be happier at this point. My goal was always by Canadian Thanksgiving (7 week post op) I wanted to be in better shape than pre-op and I am happy to report that's the case. I took a...
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    THR Minifab - 30M - LTHR Recovery Thread

    Hit the 6 week window last Friday! After week 4 I noticed a big increase in overall energy levels, and week 5 I gained full independence back (meaning no walking aid). Two weekends ago, I went out with some friends for a picnic + a couple of ciders - nice to get out of the house (I used my...
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    THR Do I really need a THR?

    I played a full 18 holes of golf 36 hours prior to my THR! 6 weeks out, and so far very happy I had the surgery. Did a 5k walk on Saturday with no aids, riding the stationary bike only difference from before is no pain. Had the same thoughts as you pre-surgery, but timing couldn’t of been...
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    THR Minifab - 30M - LTHR Recovery Thread

    Thanks @Layla. Hard to believe how quickly time goes and it’s already been a month, feels like yesterday I was nervous for the surgery. Last week progressed well + had a good weekend, outside of my dog getting sprayed by a skunk and bringing the stink inside... :eeeuw: Walking straighter and...
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    THR Golfer67 Recovery Thread

    Golfer I hit 4 weeks tomorrow and am still using a cane! otherwise I limp a bit still
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    THR THR - Stationary bike recommendations

    Physio recommended recumbent bike to me @ 3 weeks post op (no resistance). Anterior approach - no bending restrictions.
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    THR Minifab - 30M - LTHR Recovery Thread

    Happy Sunday, hope everyone is relaxing! Steps: Mon - 1944; Tue 2470; Wed 2457; thurs1641; fri 2495; sat 3575 Overall things have continued to progress well. I’ve caught myself rolling onto my op side when I sleep - which my OS said was fine... I feel like I may not be pushing myself enough...
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    THR Going4fun new hip adventure

    Thanks for the update! I enjoy reading the longer term updates, gives me some ideas of what I can look forward to.
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    THR So scared.

    No problem - best of luck tomorrow and see you on the recovery side of this life improving operation
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    THR So scared.

    @littlesun everyone is different, but overall I can’t complain. Very happy with progress so far + how little pain I’ve had. I did have anterior approach. you can follow my recovery thread it’s fairly detailed over the last two weeks...
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    THR So scared.

    Hi @littlesun, 100% know those emotions and thoughts as I went through them 2 weeks ago for my LTHR. In fact, I was golfing (with a cart) just 36 hours prior to my surgery. I had doubt I was ”bad enough” for my surgery, and thought I should push it off. I did the Covid screening + test 48 hours...
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    THR Minifab - 30M - LTHR Recovery Thread

    Happy Labour Day Weekend, hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend. Been a busy last few days since my last update. Tuesday steps 2270, Wed 1962, Thurs 2770, Fri 2296, Sat 1071, Sun 2968. Had a couple blood spots on my bandage last Sunday and Tuesday evening, so sent a picture to my surgeon...
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    THR Minifab - 30M - LTHR Recovery Thread

    Happy Tuesday everyone! My mantra for the past few days has been heel-to-toe, heel-to-toe. Hard to believe my surgery was only 11 days ago; feeling so great and best of all the constant hip pain is gone!! Overall, had a pretty good weekend - continuing my regime of icing and walking around the...
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    THR Minifab - 30M - LTHR Recovery Thread

    Yay 1 week post-op! :yahoo: Thanks @Layla definitely noticing it getting a little better each day; you’re right just need to give it times to adjust. I am focusing on heel to toe walking, twisting my pelvis back to normal, and putting weight on both sides equally. It seems to be helping...


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