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    Questions to ask Doc

    Hi - I have an appointment this Friday with my ortho. He did my arthroscopic surgery several years ago to repaid 2 torn meniscus. Told me then I had bone on bone and would most likely be looking at TKP in the future. I think my future is now! He is a top rated surgeon, but I do not like the...
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    How did you decide it was time?

    Thanks so much for all the responses. I have an appt in May to discuss my options. I have found that I have been limiting my activities because of the knee. My left is much worse - bone on bone - but now the right is starting to give me problems. For those who had both at the same time -how...
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    How did you decide it was time?

    Thanks so much everyone. I have to put on my big girl panties and find out what my options are and move forward.
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    How did you decide it was time?

    When did you decide it was time to pull the trigger and have knee replacement surgery? I have one pretty bad knee - but am a big fat (actually big and fat - which is a problem I know) chicken. I have heard stories that you can't do a lot of what you did before, even simple things like kneeling...

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