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    TKR I did it!!

    I also get the nerve pain. It is good to know it is normal. It all of a sudden comes from nowhere. I guess we both just have to hang in there and hopefully it will go away soon. Hang in there. We will get through this.
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    TKR Twelve hours post op

    Thank you both for the input. It makes me feel so much better to know that I don’t have to torture myself in order to get a straight knee. I like the walking tip .
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    TKR Twelve hours post op

    I’ve been home 1 week now and coming along. The nights are still definitely rough.I’ve been trying to ice more frequently and it does help. The days have ups and downs. Some days I feel like I’m really doing well then the next day seems like a step back. My pt said it’s important to try and work...
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    TKR Twelve hours post op

    Thank you all for your input. I am trying to ice almost continually and that is helping. I am sometimes able to sleep for a little bit on my back but still try and get on my side. Friday night I was so exhausted I did sleep a big part of the night but intermittent. I had to take pain med once...
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    TKR Nervous & Lost

    Hi, First of all good luck on 2/3 with your surgery. I had my tkr on 1/20/21 and I also felt nervous and overwhelmed. I also had trouble finding out what I would need, it can be frustrating. I was told that I would get everything I needed from the hospital and I did receive most of what I...
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    TKR Twelve hours post op

    Sorry just saw article on icing , can ice as long as I want.
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    TKR Twelve hours post op

    Thank you everyone for your well wishes and advice. I came home today. I’m still doing good. I think may still be having some help from the block. My knee is stiff and sore but that is to be expected. How often and how long should I ice? I am exhausted and hope I can sleep tonight since in the...
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    TKR Twelve hours post op

    I had a left tkr about twelve hours ago. Surprisingly I am doing really good at this point. They gave me a knee nerve block which will last until tomorrow sometime. I think that is making a big difference. I’ve been up walking and using the bathroom with a pain level of only 3-4. I took a low...
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    TKR Just waiting

    Hi everyone. My name is Marilyn. I know I found this forum at a late date but I figured better late then never. I’m scheduled for tkr on January 20th. I’ve been going to pt for about 5 weeks to try and build up my muscles and range of motion as much as I can prior to surgery. It’s going well but...


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