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    Too tall: Ideas for a chair?

    Hello, I am new on here recently. Such helpful ppl on here with much experience and good ideas to share. Hope you are doing well and found a good high seat. This has been one of my obstacles, too. I am 5’8” and although not way up in the sky, my legs are longer than my torso half. All of our...
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    THR Midouri's Second HIp

    What fun, and a nice change of scenery for you and your hip! I have that too, the muscles stretching and burning on my operative side when trying to sleep on my good side. Glad you have accomplished that! And oh those restaurant seats and church pews are hard- I have to carry a high pillow with...
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    MUA Steelergal's Recovery Thread

    @SteelergaI , I just read your post and new to bonesmart..I am sorry how difficult you were having it, hopefully you are doing much better now since it’s been three months. Discouragement is difficult, and it is okay and good to have a “pity party” for yourself every now and then. I’m not saying...
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    Revision THR My Story My Recovery

    Thank you Celle for doing this, and oops! I am sorry about the dog chatter on this thread. I got carried away it seems. ( Bailee made me do it!) All of my surgeries were done on my right hip, and the open reductions as a baby, were all done under 20 months old, I believe.. Both total hips...
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    Revision THR My Story My Recovery

    Bailee does have a ‘crown’ on her head and her feet are trimmed but she still sports the Teddy Bear clip, somewhat. Dogs are so in tune with us and what we go through.! When I got home from the hosp. She was so eager to see me and almost wagged herself into dizziness. When she saw the spica...
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    Revision THR My Story My Recovery

    A laughing Poodle- love it! Well Pierre is a handsome lad. Ppl think Bailee is a golden doo because we don’t do fru-fru cuts. She gets groomed every 8 wks but we like her hair longer. Her father was an apricot 75 pds, tall and muscular. Her mama was 44 pds and black.Bailee is 45#. A good...
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    Revision THR My Story My Recovery

    Oh my gosh, I did not know about that connection with those syringes and HEP C! I’ve heard of ppl getting that re-using needles for drugs. I do have several guardian angels watching out for me- my parents are just two of them.My mother was an RN and took such good care of me as a child with...
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    Revision THR My Story My Recovery

    Hello Elf1, yes quite the long rock-strewn road to traverse, but I am alive and kicking and that is a good and remarkable thing! Interesting tidbit of info about my sepsis infection and how that started it all. It was an injection that was given of Vit K and the needle hit the bone. It was felt...
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    Revision THR My Story My Recovery

    I see you have a Poodle too! My sweet girl’s name is Bailee and she’s apricot. She will be six in March. What is your dog’s name? Tennis was my sport- my whole fam played. Father and brother were Tennis Pros. I do miss it. I grew up on the east coast of Fla, which is where my first Ortho...
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    Revision THR My Story My Recovery

    That’s a good idea to post these surgical dates, and I understand how it can help others in their own “ looking forward” in their own recoveries. Hope your day is as good as I am planning mine to be!
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    Revision THR My Story My Recovery

    Thank you Jaycey, and yes I am but wish it weren’t the case! I had 4 reductions as an infant and pin placements after the firestorm of infection as a three pounder. Frog leg casts and Spica molds were used. These were started at 4 months of age. These were in 1955 and ‘56. At age 12, 1966...
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    Revision THR My Story My Recovery

    Hello Layla, and thank you for your reply and I appreciate your concern. The idea about taking an ice pack in the car is good. I do use it at home. Yes the confinement and not being able to stretch is...confining! ☺️ We took an anniv trip by car last month and got out and stretched every two...
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    Revision THR My Story My Recovery

    Thank you for your reply VSlowLife! Pickle ball is fast, many quick starts and stops. Courts are even shorter than tennis courts. It puts strain on over worn hips, as does tennis. The pounding and running, sliding and twisting and stops are what is a no-no for me. How I would love to run and...
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    Revision THR My Story My Recovery

    Hello All- Just joined this am. I am 6 1/2 mos post op for posterior revision of cup liner that was shredding, which caused osteolysis. I’ve had two total hips on rt side and two partials on rt. First total hip I was 22 years old. Second was 7 yrs later as I had hip subluxation and cement...


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