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      Your really tall so I would keep the toilet raiser on. My surgeons office that and the walker must haves to go home. Unfortunately I am...
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      Lyla replied to the thread THR Got my date today.
      The time will fly by! Soon you will be on the recovery side. I only found this site days before. I would highly recommend the ice pack...
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      Lyla reacted to Jexie's post in the thread THR Got my date today with Like Like.
      So happy about hearing my left hip will be replaced on July 25th. Been reading as much as I could on here to know what to expect and...
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      Lyla reacted to wander03's post in the thread THR Gel packs with Like Like.
      @Poodle3 Great! I'll be thinking of you on July 11. Fortunately, I expect that I will be through the most difficult part by then. After...
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      Lyla replied to the thread THR Weight Related Question.
      I’ve needed a hip replacement for 4 yrs. they just figured it out in oct. makes me angry but what can you do? I’m very overweight due to...
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      Lyla replied to the thread THR Blood thinner management?.
      You should ( not sure how it works there ) have an appointment to see or talk to the anthologist a week before your app. At least here...
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      Lyla replied to the thread THR Sophies2 Pre Op Questions.
      So sorry that happened. Unfortunately they are more concerned with liability. Found it out the hard way when my daughter had to go to...
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      Lyla replied to the thread THR SAPPER-RET Recovery Thread.
      Your doing fantastic. I had some bad swelling around that same time. I’m on week 5. My sleep is on and off. More off lately from staying...
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      Lyla reacted to Mojo333's post in the thread THR SAPPER-RET Recovery Thread with Like Like.
      Too early for PT, in my opinion. Take a 14 day quarantine ...
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      Lyla replied to the thread THR SAPPER-RET Recovery Thread.
      I was told to stop my magnesium …I guess I should ask if I can restart. I have terrible spasms from my spine surgery.
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      Wow you really went through it! Now you seem to be on the other side. It’s such a relief to have that hip pain gone. Wishing you the...
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      Lyla reacted to Klassy's post in the thread THR Diary of my journey to happy times with Like Like.
      I had to Google that one @Lyla! Yes, very apt. Perhaps I could call my pair Lindsay and Wagner.
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      Mine is dimpled as the OS said. He did say it’s temporary and to gentle massage for the nerves. Enjoy your trip!
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      Lyla replied to the thread THR Recovery story.
      Oh I forgot I walked across my lawn unaided. That was a bit of concern but tried and was very stable. :)
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      Lyla replied to the thread THR Boofit's recovery in Hong Kong.
      Mine said to massage mine as well. I highly recommend if you have any numbness
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