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    femoral component problems

    Thanks everyone for you replies. I have to agree, the more they do the better it should be. In my case my OS, has done a large number and even presents seminars on the procedure. That's why it makes it so hard to believe this would have happened. But now looking at my records, none of my...
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    femoral component problems

    Help! I had a tkr 18 months ago and ever since my range has been an issue. Hardly 90 degrees. I can not walk down steps, getting down on the floor I have to straighten my leg completely and when walking alot it just stiffens up. Lifting my leg back up towards my butt bending it at the knee...
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    The Big Mistake

    Sorry for the late reply on this, but I couldn’t help but read your thread. I’m 18 months out from my tkr and yes it was the worst decision I’ve ever made. I am unable to walk any distance without stiffness; I cannot ride a bike, swim or walk down stairs normally because my knee does not...
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    Worried Sick

    I just had my 3 month follow up and my Dr. does not seem concerned and says I'm doing good. But I can help but worry. I still have stiffness and sometimes I wonder if it will ever go away. I can bend pass 90*, I do my exercises twice a day and also try to force the leg to bend more and more...
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    bilateral TKR recovery

    Sheri - I'm at 3 months and yes I thought the same thing. I'll be leaping buildings in a single bound by 3 months. Well like you it ain't happening. I share your pain. The swelling and stiffness is still there. The Dr. says expect it and it will probably be around for 12 months. Question...
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    What's the point?

    I don't know, I guess I'm on the other end of the playing field here. I also wonder what's the point. I exercise twice a day, the stiffness is horrible. When I had my "bad knee", yes I was in pain, alot of pain. But I was able to bend it. I was able to get on a motorcycle and ride. I was...
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    Kath- You must be reading my mind when your writing your concerns. I am 7 weeks out and I can relate to all you are saying. I still wonder if I made the right decision or did I swap one pain for another at the age of 51. But everyone I speak to says noway, this was the right route to go and...
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    Melanie - Hang in there, you are not alone. I'm 7 weeks out and I still have a lot of stiffness and it even gets worst as I walk. I exercise as I have been instructed and just hope and pray my day will come when I can put this all behind me. As everyone has said, your expecting to much to...
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    6 weeks post op

    Oh yes, the good ole sleep. How I wish. I also can not get a good night sleep. It's been 6 weeks for me. I am not on any pain pills or sleeping aids, but I just find getting up and doing a short walk, maybe to the front door or to the bathroom makes all the difference. Just one night would...
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    Pedal Exerciser

    I have one, my PT recommended it and also got it for me. She got it from WalMart for around $22.00. I've added it to my routine and use it twice a day. Figured it can't hurt, since I was using her's during PT. My therory is the more movement for the knee the better......at least I hope.
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    5 weeks and I've had it!

    Everyone - First of all thanks, thanks so much for your support. I must admit yesterday I was feeling disappointed, discourged, depressed, you name it I was there. But after reading your replies you have lifted my spirits and made me realize that I am not alone, which is a relief. Again...
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    5 weeks and I've had it!

    It's been 5 weeks since left tkr and I've had it! I exercise twice a day, I ice twice a day, I have one of those little peddling bikes that you can sit on a chair and peddle and I do that for a 1/2 hour a day and still my knee is so stiff and tight. I'm beginning to wonder if I made the right...


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