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    TKR Rockgirl4's Recovery---already full of surprises.

    Thanks @Rockgirl4 - this is promising. My anti-inflamatory is Celebrex. Here's hoping the inflammation will chill out in the next several days like it did for you!!
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    Bilateral TKR BTKR 28th May 2019 - post op journal

    That's crazy that you could ride a real bike already. You've got to be really psyched!!
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    TKR Rockgirl4's Recovery---already full of surprises.

    Such great news all around!! Do you think the anti-inflammatory was a big part of your progress? I ran out of mine, and my stomach was in such distress, so I stopped taking it for almost a week. This past week I feel like progress with my knee has stalled and maybe even gone backwards, and I...
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    TKR still crazy after all these months^

    @cathyn518 - I live in upstate New York, in the 518 too. Regarding getting some pain medications, I know someone suggested a pain management doctor, which sounds like a good idea. Another thought is that maybe your primary care physician could prescribe you something. When I was having my...
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    TKR Flexion concerns

    @bertschb thank you so much for posting your flexion numbers. This is really encouraging. I keep reading to not worry about flexion, but seeing where you were and where you ultimately ended up is just what I need to keep my hopes up. I keep saying I don't care how long it takes as long as I know...
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    TKR Pickleball?

    @ladygolfer , I'm only 6 weeks out, so haven't resumed pickleball yet, but I am itching to get back at it..... It will be a while :bawl: I know that some of the people I play with have had tkr - but I can't tell you how long after surgery they started. None of them wear kneepads, but if that...
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    TKR Kathleen's LTKR done May 14, 2019

    I know a lot of us are at a point that we're worried about our flexion. The advice is mostly not to worry.... I wish it was as easy as that, because I'm sure that's probably great advice. As much as I try not to be, I'm a worrier and an over-analyzer, and a pusher - couple all that with the...
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    TKR 2 new knees, 3 months apart oy vey

    A full revolution and painlessly to 100 - that's awesome news!
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    TKR 2 new knees, 3 months apart oy vey

    @winemama , I truly feel your pain of trying to figure out the proper approach to this whole recovery thing, and just what is the "perfect level" of rehabbing but not pushing too much. I'm about 5 1/2 weeks out, and I've been struggling with this so much myself. I've always been a very grey...
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    TKR 1 Year Post TKR

    Absolutely - Chernobyl was great!
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    TKR Kathleen's LTKR done May 14, 2019

    I just had my follow up with the cardiologist. Both the echocardiogram and the stress test were normal - nothing to worry about. I'm so relieved. I've never had a reason to think I might have cardio issues, but when faced with the possibility, I was more worried than I wanted to admit. I'm not...
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    Bilateral TKR BTKR 28th May 2019 - post op journal

    @Atlas_aus - full revolutions on the bike....and easily....wow, that's awesome!! I'm with @TimeBuster , that was a huge milestone for me. It sounds like everything is going pretty good for you - Way to go!! I feel like besides all the knee stuff, the rest of my body has taken a big hit; aches...
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    Revision TKR Tabbykit's recovery from TKR revision

    I think horizontally across the back seat will be far less uncomfortable than the front seat. (I'm 5 weeks out, and sitting in the front seat for more than 20 minutes is still a challenge for me.) Bring a few pillows - at least one to put behind your back as you lean against the back door (make...
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    TKR Just a little support...

    @lopat - how great did you feel when you got those pedals around. I achieved that very recently too, and I sent my husband, kids, and sister a video of it I was so excited. Congrats!!
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    TKR My journey to recovery<

    I don't know about the red area, but the warmth around your knee is normal. My doctor mentioned this to me at my follow up visit, and mine is definitely warm. At that same visit I asked my doctor about the numbness (lateral) and hypersensitivity (medial), and he said that was normal too - as did...


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