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    Bilateral TKR 2nd day Post op BTKR-pain is terrible

    Hello, All! You can change my thread title to “On the Road” I’m not there yet, but sure doing better than 7 weeks ago! Wrapped up PT, and was going to their “Wellness” program where I can continue to work on their equipment by myself for $20 a month.... I thought it was a great deal.... but...
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    When the world stopped.....

    When I went in for my pre-op testing at the hospital I was given a COVID-19 test.... negative...... but it was two weeks before my surgery! I could have been exposed any day after that. (I self-isolated so I’d be healthy, but they didn’t ask me to.) Then they didn’t test on the day of...
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    Bilateral TKR 2nd day Post op BTKR-pain is terrible

    Thank you, sistersinhim! That’s a load off my mind. im confused about posting to my thread.My original post-op thread was titled with “ ....Pain is terrible “. That is not a good descriptor of my current situation. Can I re-title a post to reflect where I am I my recovery?
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    Bilateral TKR 2nd day Post op BTKR-pain is terrible

    Hello! I am 5 weeks out from my BTKR. I’m doing fine, healing well, off of opioids, etc, But I have one issue. My left knee seems to “catch”, like it’s slightly out of place. If I shake it a bit side to side it clunks into place, but sometimes goes right back to the “caught” position. There’s...
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    Bilateral TKR 2nd day Post op BTKR-pain is terrible

    Well, thought I’d update. I’m 15 days post-op, and doing quite well. Continued with PT, and glad I did. I never felt that my PT wanted me to go beyond what I was currently capable of, though she reminded me that it is work to get my flexion and extension back. I am starting to use trekking poles...
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    Bilateral TKR 2nd day Post op BTKR-pain is terrible

    Well, the second round of PT yesterday was rather brutal, and she wants me to come back today to “get in” 3 sessions. (They were closed Monday due to the holiday) My knees are both more swollen and stiff this morning... I think I need to beg off on today’s session and give my knees the weekend...
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    Bilateral TKR 2nd day Post op BTKR-pain is terrible

    Hello and thank you all for your kind words and suggestions. I’m doing very well at home, and truly happy with that decision. My husband/caregiver deserves more than half the credit for that. He’s been patient, even when up in the middle of the night for the “bathroom trek”. Second round of PT...
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    Bilateral TKR 2nd day Post op BTKR-pain is terrible

    Thanks everyone! Today actually turned out to be a good day! After I posted this morning the ortho’s PA came in, and got us back on track. My doctor does not want me to go to a Rehabilitation Hospital bc of Covid 19. He also called my husband at my request to go over it. We are going home...
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    Bilateral TKR 2nd day Post op BTKR-pain is terrible

    I can’t make it from one dose of hydrcodone to the next without level9-10 pain. Also Taking Flexeril and Tylenol. Knees were not swollen much at all this morning, worse this pm. Just talked them into elevating but legs are spread with about 2 ft between feet. Seems they should be almost...
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    Bilateral TKR Alone in the hospital

    Thank you all for responding. Your experiences help me realize I’ll be fine. <3
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    TKR Nervous about having surgery during pandemic

    Hello, My BTKR is Thursday. I’m not as worried about the Covid virus itself, but of the fact that no one can be with me at any time during my stay. Mine will probably be two to three days by it’s bilateral. I’m comfortable in hospitals, but haven’t stayed that long in one for many years- like...
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    Bilateral TKR Alone in the hospital

    Hi Everyone! My BTKR is Thursday. So to Covid 19 restrictions, my husband can only drop me off on Thursday and pick me up in a couple days. I’m pretty comfortable in the hospital setting, not terribly anxious about the surgery, but still worried about how I will react to the isolation of being...
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    Bilateral TKR Ice machines - opinions please.

    Hello, May Marvels! My bilateral TKR surgery is actually happening! It was scheduled for May 21 and I was nearly certain it would be postponed due to Covid 19, but Arizona just opened up elective surgery, so it's on. I have a question.... There seems to be some controversy about icing machines...
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    2020 May Marvels - Are you having knee surgery in May?

    I’m scheduled for bilateral TKR on May 21!


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