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      KFTCS replied to the thread TKR Feeling Normal Again.
      Even with that little bit of swelling still there (my LTKR was October 3, 2022), and that little bit of tightness that I feel, it is...
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      KFTCS reacted to LD of Michigan's post in the thread TKR Days of Recovery (TKR 1/4) with Like Like.
      Woo-hoo! I had my left knee TKR this Wednesday :happyfeet: LONG day but no complications. Outpatient - which was not preferred, yet...
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      KFTCS reacted to beachy's post in the thread TKR TKR Left Knee with Friendly Friendly.
      My doc warned me that the second would be worse. I haven't found that to be true so far. Its a little different, but not worse. I was...
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      KFTCS replied to the thread TKR TKR Left Knee.
      It helped a lot for the first month but it’s already wearing loss, so I’m back in as much pain on my non operated knee as I was before...
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      KFTCS replied to the thread TKR TKR Left Knee.
      Thank you!! Scheduled my right TKR for April 17, 2023. Will post when surgery is done! He did give me a cortisone shot since it’s more...
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      KFTCS replied to the thread TKR TKR Left Knee.
      So I am heading for a 3rd follow-up appointment on Wednesday. Hoping to schedule my second TKR (right). I’m going to ask him to give me...
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