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    IT band pain, anyone experiencing?

    Doug, I know me either, neither did my husband and he was a football player through college and had a severe knee injury and had to have surgery and he still never heard of it, never had problems with it. I guess if it doesn't hurt you at all, you don't ask about it. I am sure we have a ton of...
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    IT band pain, anyone experiencing?

    That is my problem also, knee itself feels great, both of them if I didn't have this IT band problem things would be really good. Even if I oculd just sleep a few hours without spasms and jabbing pain in the darn thing. It feels to me like it is getting better during the day slowly but night...
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    Updating my "Hitting the wall" post from the other forum.

    Kim,Glad to hear someone is in your corner, makes all the difference in the world. Hope you sleep well tonight in your comfy chair or bed or sofa or wherever feels good. Don't worry it will get better, much better.
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    Updating my "Hitting the wall" post from the other forum.

    Kim, I spent many nights on my sofa, because I could not sleep in my bed. How the heck is your body to heal if you are exhausted. Ask Doug he has experience we used to be up all night walking the floor trying to get comfortable, it is common. You need to sleep when you can and however you...
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    IT band pain, anyone experiencing?

    kimgrif, runs along outside of your leg from hip down, has a huge long name I....... T.....
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    IT band pain, anyone experiencing?

    thanks Doug, I guess I will just keep going with the stretches, it is crazy though the most relief is when I do nothing but who can live like that? Didn't go through all this knee surgery for this...will let you know what my surgeon says after the 18th
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    Updating my "Hitting the wall" post from the other forum.

    Wow, jerk is being nice...Jackie is right, one day he will go through something and someone will not be so kind to him. I would consider finding another doctor myself, bed side manner means alot to some, I know it does to me. It took me awhile to get to 115 which is really the best it has...
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    IT band pain, anyone experiencing?

    I had my first tkr in Jan and the second in March. All is really well for the most part I guess, but my right knee has given me some problems, mostly quad issues which are slowly getting better, but the main thing is the pain from my IT band running on the outside of my right knee. I have...
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    New drug

    My dr changed me to vicadin after 2 weeks of percs. Even after I said they weren't helping that's all I get! Anyway, I have been complaining that I can't sleep because my restless weird leg keeps me up, now I am wondering if the vicadin isn't helping to keep me awake, maybe not letting me rest...
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    pain meds

    I am interested in this gel too, I am going to check this out. Very interesting. Thanks for this tip. I never heard of it and I wouldn't have thought to try it since the old knees are gone. This may be the help I need. Thanks so much! Kathy
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    pain meds

    I am 7 weeks on my second knee, problem for me is that since I had the first one done in January and then right into this one, my dr told me that he feels I built up a resistance to the pain meds, so I felt that I did not get the relief like I did the first time. Second problem is this knee was...
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    numbness in quad.....anyone else?

    Steve, I have had both knees done within 2 months of each other though. My first went great, no quad problems, but this one since the beginning I have had quad concerns. I work on it with my PT and all the time at home. It is weak and I just wrote and asked anyone if they have this feeling of...
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    Tillamook Cheese

    this seems so funny to go on a knee forum and see pages of threads about cheese, but the really funny part is I am from PA and I have been to Tillamook cheese place in Oregon! I loved it, but I never even thought to look for it here. I am going to now.
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    COUNTDOWN T(hr) Minus 12 HOURS

    Prayers are on the way, good luck gman, by tomorrow this time it will all be over and things will be on the way to getting better.
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    just stopping in to say hi and to complain a bit

    Good morning my friends! Sure have missed you. It has been about a month or so since I was here. It is about 2am now in PA and I am up once again pacing the floor with this weird sensation that keeps me awake every night. Not so much pain as the feeling to stretch so much that I can't relax...


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