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    The Operating List - just dates please, no chat, no questions

    Sept. 24th from Judy Sewell more spine surgery. The big one this time. Correction of deformity kyphosis which increased rapidly this year. T-2 thru L-2 many cuts in spine, osteotomies (they may be the same thing as breaks) . If nothing else I will be able to stand up straight.
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    Did anyone feel a loss or grief?

    I definately felt weird about having a part of my body taken out. but i have a great surgeon, I fully trusted him, knew i needed it so out it came. No regrets, once i woke up from surgery those feelings that i had on and off for a few months were totally gone and i was just excited about my...
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    I have taken lorazepam on occasion and it just makes me not anxious, no other side effects that i am aware of. judy
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    Poor Me(s)???

    Janet I do feel your pain. I had an uneventful hip replacement (did get a crack in my femur during surgery) But my life in the last few years has been in the very unlucky categorie. I have been on percocet for 2 straight years now so don't worry about taking it for this pain. 'The pain...
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    will doctor email?

    Send that letter already!!! I have a spine surgeon that heard at my surgery a year and a half ago that i had a problem with someone aat the hospital. He got my cellphone and put his cell # in it. My new pulmonologist sent me an email response the first day i left a hospital record at his...
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    Cardiac Stress Test

    it was about 6 years ago that i had to have treadmill stress test, being an obsessive runner, i was thrilled. Got cancelled the first time because my bp was stroke level (new finding) once it was ok'd i loved it. My heart onlhy had problems before the test!!!I was the second best ever on the...
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    Kind prayers/thoughts requested

    GAil i will be thinking of you. I feel your pain in this situation. I have been kind of living the same thing for a few years and am waiting for a pulmonologist to approve me having back surgery. The lung injury was also totoally unexpected. judy
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    Gotta laugh :)

    My funniest story right after getting home from the hospital, my landlady announced she was selling our house. nightmare right there for the cleaning end. Well the next day she had someone wanting to see it, we got it put off for a day. I got everyone out after they cleaned and went to take a...
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    5-6 hour plane flight 24 days after THR

    You are brave. I had my hip op on June 6th (o8) and can't remember if i visited my family in florida that summer or not!!! I do remember my brother meeting me with a cane, which i no longer used, but don't know when!!! Memory problems judy
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    Being Watched!

    Jo I guess that is why they have to have the investigators, for the lyers. I wish i could go to work, I miss it so very much. When i volunteer at my endocrinologists clinic on tuesday nites (7-1amish) my back hurts so bad, i take every opportunity to sit, of course i have to take percocet too...
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    Rebecca I am a big huge worrier. For some dumb reason before surgery i do not worry. But as far as a hip replacement, it is the most successful of all surgeries. As you said you have no other helth problems. You will do just fine. Worry is normal (I'm not!!). the pain is minimal compared...
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    Re-replacement 18mos. later

    Good Luck, Sorry you are going through this. I understand completely, I have been going through this with my back. You certainly did a good job researching it all and are making the right decision. judy
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    5-6 hour plane flight 24 days after THR

    Somewhere there is a typo , JO. The titile says plane flight 24 days after THR. Either that is wrong or he really meant to say July for the flight date insead of August. I went with the title!! judy
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    5-6 hour plane flight 24 days after THR

    Hi and welcome, If you really mean 24 days after your hip. Absolutely not, well it is your decision, but i sure would not have. I stayed in pj's in the house until my 2 week check up. Sorry you will have to miss it, but you really will not feel like a long trip like that. judy
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    Heart Defect

    Rebecca good luck at the cardiologist. I hope it is nothing that interferes with surgery or your llife!! judy

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