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    Just Joined - I meet my Surgeon 7/15/19

    Kymamaw , we have so much in common … ! Our son was married in Anchorage, Alaska 3 yrs. ago. They were planning the service to be on a mountain top... in February. (access by ski-car, I didn't have to climb it, thank God) I have so darned much back and leg pain when flying, due to air...
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    Just Joined - I meet my Surgeon 7/15/19

    Hi kymamaw ! Thank you for your posts- I'm in Gainesville, Florida. Wow, this has been encouraging reading of so many going through knee pain and coming out of TKR surgery and rehab pain free and walking... So you have both knees and a hip coming up ? You'll be almost bionic ! My...
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    Just Joined - I meet my Surgeon 7/15/19

    Rosie - it's so nice to hear from you ! I almost married a man from New Zealand many years ago. His pictures from home were spectacular … such a gorgeous country . Sounds like you had each knee done independently ? Probably wise . Guess I'm at a point where I've had enough and just want...
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    Just Joined - I meet my Surgeon 7/15/19

    Hi ! I'm SO grateful to have found this site , to hopefully get reality info. and encouragement to go through BTKR . I just turned 67 and have had bil. knee pain for years , but had advice from my pain control Doc to put off replacement surgery as long as possible. Ah ... it's here. I've...