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Recent content by Jim mc

  1. J

    Ankle Total ankle replacement

    walked and played 9 holes of golf today. Several pars even though it was very windy and icy cold! Anyway, no real pain or swelling in the ankle.
  2. J

    Ankle Total ankle replacement

    I had a TAR on 23/10/17. It was a Wright Infinity carried out i Oswestry. As usual the first 2 weeks were spent in plaster with my ankle elevated as much as possible. This was followed by another 3 weeks in an aircast boot. The one only time i had any painkillers was for a headache. I gave up...
  3. J

    Ankle ChristineY's Ankle Replacement

    Christine, Just making contact with you. I'm new to the forum but wish to share my experience. I had total ankle replacement surgery 23rd October 2017. I had a Wright Infinity prosthesis in the uk. It is now about 14 weeks since the op. I hardly used any painkillers and after 7 weeks decided to...

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