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    Bilateral TKR 4½ months - knees getting stiffer after PT stopped

    Yeah, I know about working for attorneys.... don't take the steps for awhile, use the elevator. I came back to work after 9 weeks (due to disability insurance premiums being cut off). I was supposed to come back after 7 weeks, but held out. I didn't have a chair with arms to get up and down...
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    Bilateral TKR 4½ months - knees getting stiffer after PT stopped

    This happened to me too, I got real stiff so I called my PT and he said to lower the bike seat and do that every day for 20-30 minutes and it has helped a lot. I take Tylenol 1000 mg and still have Norco (for the lower back pain flare-ups). I also have a fitbit and have been walking more. I...
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    Bilateral TKR 2½ weeks and going strong on BTKR

    I called my PT today on this and he said to get on my bike, lower that seat and do it every day for 20-30 minutes and this tightness should ease up in about 2-3 weeks. He said whether I am exercising or not that day (doing other things, i.e., treadmill, swimming, elliptical), to get this in. I...
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    Bilateral TKR 2½ weeks and going strong on BTKR

    So encouraged to read this thread that there are others going through the stiffness like I am. If I stand for a long period of time they get stiff, but they don't hurt. I think my problem was that I did not bend my knees to pick stuff up because I couldn't before and because of the pain, so...
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    Bilateral TKR 2½ weeks and going strong on BTKR

    Hi everyone! I have not posted in a very long time, got through the winter bitter cold and the knees felt it. I had my bilateral knee replacement last March 11th. Got released to go back to work which was May 9th. Did great, then my lower back started bothering me and I wound up going to a...
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    TKR Knee pain after 5 months is unbearable

    Hi, I had bilateral done in March, 2013 and was back to work at 9 weeks. I also took the Tylenol/Motrin cocktail over the pain pills and it worked fine. I was not ready to go back, but my disability insurance company shut me off. Thankfully I went back in the middle of the week and was able...
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    Bilateral TKR Got out of surgery at about 5pm 6/4/2013

    Going through that myself now, I also need to buy a new mattress. My lower back (left side) kicks up, it goes away and then comes back. The last couple of days my hips were very tight and sore and I thought I had sciatica going on and I just may due to that mattress. I have not been...
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    Bilateral TKR MUA suggested 8 weeks out -please advise

    Praying for you kneed for speed, please let us know how you do.... My heart goes out to you, we are here for you. Get to the doctor
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    Bilateral TKR YIPPEE....

    Aw you guys! Thank you so much!! Yes, they are the bomb, making progress every week. Thursday will be officially 4 months! I wrote another post on another thread that I am suffering a bit of lower back pain, but walking, exercising, and doing stretches help this. I also think I need a new...
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    TKR Pain on the other side (literally)

    Hi, just read your post. I have been battling lower back pain on the left lower side and I had both knees done and I am at 4 months post-op. I went to a chiropractor and he straightened me out, but I really think it is my mattress. I walk a lot now and it helps the lower back pain. I have...
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    Bilateral TKR YIPPEE....

    Hi all, went to see my favorite surgeon (the man who changed my life!!) for my check up and he saw the X-rays of my knees and said they are perfect. He looked at me and said, I will see you in one year! He said I am in great shape!!! I am officially at 15 weeks post-op. I walk for an hour at...
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    Bilateral TKR Three Months out

    Thanks guys, good to hear! One day I will wake up and there will be no tightness, no pain, no achiness.... LOL... I love how I walk now and am enjoying it. I went to the chiropractor at lunchtime (he is in my office building) and he adjusted me and I feel even better. He said I am very...
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    Bilateral TKR Three Months out

    I felt led to post the positive, there is always so much negative news, negative everything that everyone needs to hear good and positive things. A lot depends on your personality too; I am a positive, upbeat person, but I had my dark days. A day before my surgery, my second Boston Terrier...
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    Bilateral TKR Three Months out

    You will one day. :)
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    Bilateral TKR Three Months out

    Yes Tim it sure is. I had a transition time last month, moving from "patient recovering" to "normal me".... I was insulated from March 11th until May 12th.... I had people taking care of me (I am the one who takes care of people as a rule and myself), picking me up and driving me to PT...


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