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Recent content by Jazyb

  1. Jazyb

    TKR Update On My TKR At 22 Months

    Hello to all you Bonesmarties I must apologise for not being here on line to continue to share my new knee experience with you all. Unfortunately life can be complicated at times and rather consuming but I was determined to come back and give you my feedback. Okay update time :dancy: !!!! I...
  2. Jazyb

    TKR KathyH New Knee

    Hi Kathy Oh poor you and your knee :puppysmooze: . You sound a little down to me and you have every right to feel like that. Are you sure it's not the Tramadol making you feel sick and causing the constipation ... just a thought. I had a very bad reaction to it in hospital and couldn't take...
  3. Jazyb

    Revision TKR My left knee story, revision complete 8/14/12, hopeful

    Hi Dawn That is such a great report to read, I am so pleased for you and so delighted that you are enjoying your progress. You deserve to have this good recovery as you have been through so much for so long - I am sending you a huge hug and a big kiss xxxx I hope life in your house is better...
  4. Jazyb

    TKR KathyH New Knee

    Hi Kathy I have been wondering how your hubby did with the shopping?? My hubby was always sent off with a list and always came home with all items from the list - he didn't ever deviate from it ..... all very boring. I would ask him where are the treats and he would reply he only bought what...
  5. Jazyb

    TKR One year out

    Hi Michele and welcome back. I remember you well from last year as I was following you closely after your op. I am sorry you are having problems with your knee at this stage. You have been given some good advice about getting a second opinion - that would definately be my tact if I were in your...
  6. Jazyb

    TKR KathyH New Knee

    Hi Kathy and welcome to the other side. You are suffering my poor friend and we feel for you. You are going through the normal horrible stage of week 0 to 4 and it really is tough. You just have to tough it out and it will get better. Your only job is to rest, elevate, ice and take pain...
  7. Jazyb

    Bilateral TKR Laurie's BTKR Recovery

    Hi Laurie and welcome to the other side. You are totally normal feeling a bit down in the dumps at this stage - we have all been there and it's tough. It will get better and you will feel more normal soon but you are in that tricky stage - it will pass. I only had the one knee done and that was...
  8. Jazyb

    What type of Anaesthetic

    Hi Sheila I am sure our brain and bodies have a switch that goes on when we are getting nearer our surgery date. I know my knee behaved well a few weeks before my op date but then it started to play up just before the day and I was going through with it no matter what. As you say your knee will...
  9. Jazyb

    What type of Anaesthetic

    Hi Sheila and welcome to the forum. You have found a brilliant forum here for gaining knowledge on your up and coming TKR. We are all here to share our knowledge and wisdom on knee and hip surgery :tada:, so feel free to ask away any questions or worries you may have. When I had my operation I...
  10. Jazyb


    Hi Sandy and welcome to the forum. Being nervous is completely normal and I imagine everyone feels the same going into this surgery. I know I was and I really got myself very stressed beforehand. I would use this forum to calm myself down and speak to the folks that had gone through the op - it...
  11. Jazyb

    Revision TKR My left knee story, revision complete 8/14/12, hopeful

    Great report Dawn and I'm not surprised your muscles are a tad sore. I really think it's the muscles rebelling as they get used to being worked in a different way. It will take time but well worth it for you. Keep well xxx
  12. Jazyb

    6 months and still stiff/sore

    Hi Shortstuff and welcome. I am sorry you feel your recovery is not going too well but like the others have said you are probably over doing it still. Take a break from your regular routine for a couple of days and take stock of your situation. Roy has given you some excellent advice that you...
  13. Jazyb

    TKR The view from this side...

    Hi Kat and how lovely to hear from you. I am pleased your knee is coming along nicely but I am sorry you are having problems with your back. I can understand your concerns about having to go through major surgery again - it is not fair!! I am sure you will work out what is the best plan of...
  14. Jazyb

    Bilateral TKR Mickey & Minnie are looking on the bright side!

    Hi Jacky I am doing just great at 8 months - I am in better shape than I have been in for years, thanks to my lovely new knee. It has all gone better than I ever dared to think it would. I owe so much to my OS and I still mentally thank him every day still! Being a good girl has paid off for...
  15. Jazyb

    Bilateral TKR Mickey & Minnie are looking on the bright side!

    Hi Jacky I am just catching up with your posts - you have been a good girl :thumb:. You sound as if life is getting back on track and you are getting busy again. Congratulations on your weight loss - your heart and new knees will be very happy. Have a good weekend :)

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