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  1. JackieS

    Living alone - will I be able to manage after a TKR?

    When I had my TKR in May of 2008, I was supposed to go to a rehab as I live alone. I had prepped my apartment with all kinds of foods, beverages, sleeping quarters near everything, etc. Unfortunately, I had a DVT and was in the hospital for seven days instead of three (with no PT, I might add)...
  2. JackieS

    TKR Is My Recovery Pain Normal?

    Re: Knee give away My first TKR did that off and on for about two months. No real pain when it did it. The problem was that my quad muscles weren't strong enough to really be walking without thinking at the time. Is it like a lurch forward? The other new pain may be unrelated. This surgery...
  3. JackieS

    How much did your OS tell you....

    With my first TKR in 2008, my surgeon pretty much laid out how long the recovery can be, told me to expect to be out of work for a matter of months, what a psychologically grueling task it was from pre-op through recovery and how it might take a year to feel comfortable with the new knee. He's...
  4. JackieS

    How severe was your knee?

    How severe was my knee? Well, the right knee recently done was so severe that I was judged a 40% permanent partial disability of the entire leg in a workers comp case for an injury in 1998. In the accident I was deemed to have traumatic arthritis, grade 4 chondromalacia patella and some other...
  5. JackieS

    Physical Therapy

    I went to the 20 visit limit set by my health insurance company for the first knee, doing the same for the second. --Jackie
  6. JackieS


    Stairs are good physical therapy. Your knee will let you know if it accepts them as exercise. Just don't overdo things! --Jackie
  7. JackieS

    Barbygirl Worried About Surgery

    I had a rather large DVT (blood clot) with my left TKR three years ago. Yes, it made the recovery period a bit longer and harder, but the end result is a knee which works fantastic and never hurts today! My clot was directly in the back of the knee, so it made bending it harder for a few months...
  8. JackieS

    When you say you no longer have pain...

    I can say that I'm actually pain free with my left TKR done three years ago. I never really think of it when walking or anything. It doesn't hurt in the winter. It just doesn't hurt -- nowhere on the pain scale! Sometimes it feels quirky, like I can feel the mechanism inside move as I get...
  9. JackieS

    TKR 5 months and counting!

    Re: 6 days since LTKR - lots of questions! It's very normal to get odd and different swelling throughout recovery, as well as various discoloration. Ankles and feet also might swell. Keep up with the ice and elevation! Down the road, you'll also experience some strange and new pains as nerves...
  10. JackieS

    Jackie is 12 days post-op

    Okay, I'm no longer 12 days post-op -- now it will be five weeks this Thursday. I'm still amazed, especially after the rough recovery of my left TKR three years ago, how smooth this is all going. I started my third week of outside PT yesterday. He hasn't measured the bend lately, but on my...
  11. JackieS

    TKR 6/29/11...and having lots of doubts!

    Hang in there, Linda. My recent RTKR was about two weeks before yours and is going very well (knock on wood), but my LTKR was a nightmare recovery. While I didn't have to have an MUA, I did have a blood clot and resulting slow start to physical therapy with very little bend for many many weeks...
  12. JackieS

    Momentus decision: Return to work yet?

    I'm in the US and my surgeon asks me how I feel, cares and would never let me go back to work earlier than I should unless I told him I must. (And I don't have to return early!) I love my OS -- but not in a creepy stalking way, you understand! --Jackie
  13. JackieS

    Momentus decision: Return to work yet?

    It doesn't sound like you're ready and it does sound like it may set you back some. With both of my knees (2008 and just two weeks ago), my OS believes in being 100% before returning to work whenever possible. With my first knee he warned me that it's a long recovery process and I might have to...
  14. JackieS

    I'm counting on you

    Excellent progress, Michshea! I'm two days behind you. Or, three years ahead of you! My left knee was replaced in May 2008. One thing I learned from that rather bad recovery is that ROM just keeps coming over time. It was a slow starter due to a blood clot right at the back of the knee. It took...
  15. JackieS

    What's the stupidest thing you have done with your new knee(s)?

    Since my right knee (recently replaced) was a problem during the slow recovery of the left knee, I haven't had a chance to be really stupid yet. Give me time! But, what I did do with my left knee in poor shape was decide to go to the Feast of San Genaro Festival in Manhattan. Seven million...


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