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    Two weeks past surgery

    Thank you all.Today I saw my surgeon and got ok to start driving next week.I have to admitt ,I'm very surprised at the pace of my recovery.Maybe it is my PT guy torturing me twice a week or technique used by my doctor but results are truly amazing.Somebody mentioned walking witchout crutches or...
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    Two weeks past surgery

    Ok friends, it's been two weeks (ok,17 days) and I'm doing pretty good.First two days were a bit rough but after that things started to improve.I did my routine walk around nurses station hours after surgery,than two days of light fever and general discomfort of laying in bed.Overall not that...
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    Ride home after surgery.

    Thank you all,surgery is next week and I'm ready.(no,I'm not ready,just pretending:pray: )Tomorrow I will talk to my surgeon and monday is surgery time.I will have metal on metal (depuy) minimally invasive surgery so if any of you want to comment about this procedure and recovery, it would be...
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    Ride home after surgery.

    Renting large car or van sounds like good idea too.First I'll try my car plus plenty of pillows and hope that works.If not,renting van or any large car would be a good alternative.If Tbone who is 6'2" fit in a car I should be able to do it,I'm 5'10".Medicine,pillows.... all very good...
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    Ride home after surgery.

    Did I say next week? I think I'm gettin dizzy :doh: Surgery is August 17 at West Hills Hospital in San Fernando Valley.:cool:
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    Ride home after surgery.

    Thank you all, what a great place this forum is. Appreciate your information and quick response to my question.Hopefuly I will fit in my car and pillows - grat idea.:thmb:I will practice today after work.Thank you all for sharing your stories, it really helped me with making decision about this...
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    Ride home after surgery.

    Hello friends. Next week I'm scheduled for right hip replacement surgery. Will I be able to ride home in a car?Hospital is located just ten miles from my house and only car available I have is mid size four door.My insurance doesn't pay for special transportation, forklift and a truck is not an...

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