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Recent content by Hippo28Nov08

  1. H

    Recently diagnosed with AVN of left hip

    Hi, welcome to the forum. I have just come back on and three years ago aged 48, had AVN in my left hip after a fall tearing the cartilage. I had groin pain which became severe for three weeks, eased off but still a lot of discomfort walking, certain movements etc. I had a left THR and would...
  2. H

    15 months post op and other hip going?

    Hi Jamie or Josephine, can you tell me where I go to on here to change my email address on my profile? Thanks Hippo28Nov08
  3. H

    15 months post op and other hip going?

    Hi, I found the forum very useful both pre and post op for my left total hip replacement on 28 Nov 08. I had a long recovery, mainly due to the size of the muscle in the thigh and ilio tibial band. The end result was that my new hip (left) caused my leg to be about an inch longer than the...
  4. H

    New Pain at 5 Months Post OP THR

    Hi Josephine, Thank you for your reply and the illustration as well. I would say that you have hit the nail on the head and that is exactly what is happening. I have had a problem in the lower part of the iliotibial band since about week 5 or 6 with pain on the outside of the leg just above...
  5. H

    New Pain at 5 Months Post OP THR

    HI Judy, Yes, but it has become much more frequent (every day and each time I try to walk) than when I saw him two weeks ago. It had only happened a couple of times when I saw the surgeon, and my main issue at that time was really the pain on the outside of the knee, ilio tibial band, and the...
  6. H

    New Pain at 5 Months Post OP THR

    Hi Judy Thanks for your reply. The knicker line is top of the leg on outside. I went back to see my surgeon 3 weeks earlier than the planned routine visit. Surgeon said no to more physio but just to do the gentle quad exercises, and a bit of cycling. He did say that because of the state of...
  7. H

    New Pain at 5 Months Post OP THR

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has experienced increasing pain on walking at around 5mths post op (L THR). I have a new (sharp stabbing) pain on the outside of the hip around the knicker line level at top of leg, (feels like it might be muscle?) which stops me in my tracks and all I can do to...
  8. H

    Pain At 14 Weeks

    HI Everyone, Thank you for all your comments, especially the frozen peas and the massage, both of which I shall organise. This is an excellent forum to hear about others experiences. I was going to go to the pool today, but it's raining (lame excuse), but I think swimming will be quite good...
  9. H

    Pain At 14 Weeks

    Hi Well I am back from my visit with the surgeon today and he has basically reiterated that the reason I am so slow in my recovery is that I have massive muscles in the thigh/glutes and the ilio tibial band is still inflammed, so is sliding over the bone. He has recommended that I go to gait...
  10. H

    Pain At 14 Weeks

    HI there, I'm 14 weeks post op and for the last week (antero lateral approach) I have had increasing pain on weight bearing. I still use a crutch for walks outside, but waddle around the house. The pain is in the outer thigh (hip area) and buttock, possibly piriformis. I have been having...
  11. H

    goals and motivation

    Hi there from New Zealand I had left THR (anterolateral approach) 14 weeks ago and my goal is to be able to "mount" my roadbike again. Actually my goal to do that was at 8 weeks post op, but I'm told because I've cycled 37,000km on road bikes in last 12 years and have large muscles, it is all...
  12. H

    Strange feeling in my hip "again"

    PR Girl I was interested to read your post and today when I went to the physiotherapist he said it was a tight piriformis muscle causing the pain in upper buttock. Also a tight iliotibial band causing the pain on outer knee and lifting the kneecap up as I walk. I have mild trochanteric...
  13. H

    Strange feeling in my hip "again"

    Hi Just reading about "strange feeling in my hip" and I see that you posted these in December and I am wondering how you are now. I am now 9 wks post anterolateral approach left THR. I am still walking on one crutch and went back to my surgeon 10 days ago. I also have got strange feelings in...
  14. H

    Any other anterior "hippies" out there?

    Hi There, I had anterior approach just over 3wks ago (28Nov). I went back to my surgeon yesterday for follow-up and I was thinking my progress was slow as I am still on two crutches. I am 49 (female) and have cycled over 37,000kms in the last 12 yrs before my "freak accident", which damaged...
  15. H

    back pain on operated side of THR

    Hi Jaz, Thank you for your reply. I am finding that I am needing my afternoon lie down, even if I don't drop off to sleep, and anything I need to potter around and do, I do in the morning, otherwise there is no energy left. Thank you too for your comments regarding using one crutch and...

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