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Recent content by Helizabug

  1. Helizabug

    TKR Rubyroo 12-2-19 RTKR Recovery Journey

    I really wish we could take a break from the recovery for a few hours, at least, like a blast into the future when we’re feeling stronger than ever and able to do something that was painful before the surgery. The debilitation can be relentless in these first months. Visualizing better days...
  2. Helizabug

    TKR Assigned PT exercises and sharp pain – told to just work through it…….

    I think you posed an important question. Thanks for giving me a place to think about it.
  3. Helizabug

    TKR Lindylee's RTKR 20 January 2020

    Rock and Roll! Well done!
  4. Helizabug

    TKR 10 day

    A scraped knee hurts something awful! Well worth tears! This is far, far worse and worth oceans more tears. Go easy on yourself.
  5. Helizabug

    Revision TKR Hmm. Not thrilled with the revision yet<

    Acceptance is almost harder to do than patience!
  6. Helizabug

    Revision TKR Knee revision fail

    Oh, I hope so too!
  7. Helizabug

    TKR Had Mako TKR

    Take care of yourself and your knee. That pain should ease up over time, with some TLC. You’ll find that sweet spot between overdoing and underdoing, and then you’ll have to keep recalibrating because it might be a moving target. You’ll get there.
  8. Helizabug

    TKR Three-Months After TKR--A Thank You to BoneSmart

    I’m the opposite of you. If I stop posting, I don’t know what will happen. It’s great to know you’re out there and healing well and getting help. I love this site too.
  9. Helizabug

    TKR Almost time

    I really didn’t suffer with the anesthesia either. I felt comfortable because of the sedation. And I remember talking to people in the anesthesia room and the OR. But I actually don’t remember the nerve block itself. More than 12 weeks have passed, and I just realized that I must have been semi...
  10. Helizabug

    Revision TKR Knee #2 DONE!!<<

    If you ‘hardly ever get out anymore,’ that’s a sign you should probably pursue the knee issues more aggressively. You probably don’t need ‘the best surgeon in the land,’ though your wife clearly cherishes you and that’s sweet. Can you go back to your surgeon and learn more?
  11. Helizabug

    TKR Assigned PT exercises and sharp pain – told to just work through it…….

    The conflicting information is really annoying, right? It’s hard to know what to listen to as a consumer. Common sense doesn’t help because, to me, it all sounds like common sense. Data seems to be hard to come by because, maybe, it’s hard to build reliable studies about PT, patients’ perceived...
  12. Helizabug

    MUA Knee stiffness.

    What are tart cherry pills?
  13. Helizabug

    Revision TKR Makoplasty: ongoing pain<

    I wonder if your long, long battle with this pain has made your body even more reactive to pain, overall. You’ve been through a slow-motion trauma. So, maybe the pain of this particular recovery isn’t an indicator of problems with this surgery, but rather an indicator of how much you’ve been...
  14. Helizabug

    TKR 5 weeks post tkr

    Sounds like you’re making progress. Make sure you don’t overdo it when you exercise. You’re still in the early days. Let us know how it’s going.
  15. Helizabug

    MUA TKR 9 Weeks Post Op Tired & Frustrated

    Ten weeks is still early in your recovery, and that MUA probably set your progress back a bit, temporarily. I know mine did. When you say it’s time to make a ‘solid effort,’ you make it sound like you haven’t been making a ‘solid effort,’ all along. Even choosing to rest is part of a solid...

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