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    TKR My Journey

    Finished the orthovisc injections and have not felt any improvement. I’m trying to accept the pain as no elective surgeries are being done due to the surge in COVID-19 cases. My new knee is 5 months old and trying to adjust to being the good knee which makes it feel very achy and stiff.
  2. FourCats

    TKR Lilmarbeth

    The pre-op exercises I received were basically the same as I did post-op. Heel slides, leg raises, quad strengthening, and walking.
  3. FourCats

    TKR My Journey

    Had my first ortho injection yesterday afternoon, two to go. I’m hoping it will help a bit with the grinding and pain. Right knee continues to improve although there is still a great deal of stiffness and it does tire quickly. I honestly believe the high humidity is having an effect and am so...
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    TKR Ice machines, and other post op items you found helpful.

    Do check with your surgeon to see what will be provided for you, I actually came home with an ice machine, inflatable compression device, and assistive aids such as grabber, shoe horn, sponge on a stick, and the PT strap which I used to lift my leg in the first week or so. Other suggestions are...
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    TKR SusieQs Pre-op, Qs about outpatient surgery!

    Mine was scheduled as same day but due to some blood pressure issues in recovery, I was not able to pass the PT requirements so stayed the night. Since I live an hour from the hospital, I was actually glad it worked out that way. I think a lot of it depends on the assistance you have at home. I...
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    TKR My Journey

    I’m starting my series of orthovisc injections in the left knee next week. Hopefully they will give me some relief and allow me to have more time before TKR on that one.
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    TKR My Journey

    @Ghostpipe I think I might need to get some goats!
  8. FourCats

    TKR My Journey

    Doing better but the weather has been so oppressive here that getting outdoors has been impossible. And the last three days of rain, rain, and more rain has been depressing. I’m ready for autumn!!!
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    TKR Pedal Exerciser

    I used a pedal exerciser prior to surgery and continue to use it post op. I believe the pre op helped me gain more flexibility quicker post op. I never was comfortable on a bicycle seat so opted for the pedal exerciser versus stationary bike. As my recovery continues, I am gradually increasing...
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    TKR My Journey

    It’s the eve of my 62nd birthday and I’m questioning if it was worth it. The pain, physical, emotional, and spiritual…it’s almost four months and I’m tired. And before everyone starts in with the “you’re early in your recovery“ and “it’s a year plus recovery”, I think I made a mistake having my...
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    TKR My Journey

    It’s named after St. Ignatius who had a cannonball tear through his right knee and underwent treatment without the benefit of anesthesia or pain meds!
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    TKR Left knee TKR 7th July 2021 & Can’t lift leg

    Welcome! All of a sudden, you’ll be able to lift it. I was about three weeks post-op when I was able to do so. Before that I called it my dead log leg!
  13. FourCats

    TKR My Journey

    My surgeon was extremely pleased with my progress. He answered all my concerns (numbness, swelling, stiffness, clunking) with the same answer I have heard here … yep, it’s a yearlong recovery! We did agree that the left knee pain might be hindering my progress a bit so we talked about the issues...
  14. FourCats

    TKR Offacliff Recovery Thread

    Welcome @Offacliff! This forum has been such a source of information and support. Your PT sounds like a doozy and I wouldn’t see him/her again. I was fortunate to have all my PT in home with two therapists who were amazing. I had my three month follow up with my surgeon yesterday and he was...
  15. FourCats

    TKR My Journey

    Three month follow up with surgeon this morning. Actually looking forward to his thoughts on my recovery so far as I feel I am doing very well. Will also begin the conversation on having the other knee replaced.


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