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    TKR Post-Op Left Knee Replacement

    I took two Tylenol PM before bed and they helped.
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    TKR Question on using ice machine with water bottles

    The first fill I put the water bottles in first then added water. After that I just changed out the water bottles. I would change out the water every 3-4 days, starting again with bottles.
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    TKR My Journey

    Saw the OS this morning and he sent me to PT for exercises to strengthen my hips and butt muscles. She measured my ROM which is better than I thought it would be. Hoping these new exercises will help. Also talked to my PCP about using CBD to provide me some relief from the fibromyalgia pain...
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    TKR 2 Weeks Post RTKR

    Welcome. What you are experiencing is normal. This is a year long recovery and it Is not usually communicated to patients as such. You’re less than two weeks out and I’m surprised you’re walking unassisted. I used a walker for at least three weeks and a cane for another three. Are you icing and...
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    MUA 10 Weeks and in need of encouragement

    @MarkR would like to hear an update from MUA.
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    MUA It's been a nightmare

    @2hips1knee I’m interested to hear how you’re doing two months post-MUA.
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    TKR My Journey

    I’ve not been doing anything different. I continue to do the exercises, icing and elevating when I’m finished. No extra ADLs. I have an appointment with my OS in mid August but am planning to schedule an earlier appointment.
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    TKR My Journey

    My ROM is deteriorating quickly in both knees. The stiffness in my legs makes me feel like Frankenstein when I’m trying to walk. I’m so discouraged right now.
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    TKR My Journey

    No earth shattering results from my appointment. Recommended some beginner yoga to help with the muscle pain. Lots of water which I already do. Did some labs, awaiting results.
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    TKR My Journey

    I’ve got an appointment with my primary care doctor on Tuesday to talk about pain management. Praying for some success!
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    TKR My Journey

    Thanks for all the support. Living alone sometimes has its negatives with no one to vent to so very pleased to be able to share with folks here.
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    TKR My Journey

    Nothing is providing pain relief and I am exhausted. Both knees are more painful than they were pre-surgery. I have to mentally condition myself for the intense pain when I stand up then grit my teeth before trying to take the first step. My back, hips, and feet ache all the time and my legs are...
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    TKR Hello! TKR April 18th

    Your doctor’s expectations are absurd and will not be helpful in the long term. One of the moderators will post lots of helpful information soon. Read it and ask questions. Folks here have the experience of undergoing knee replacements, something I doubt your doctor has had done. Come and vent...
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    TKR My Journey

    Wake Up Grateful by Kristi Nelson
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    TKR My Journey

    I’m still battling swelling and stiffness in both knees despite icing and elevating frequently. I’m taking acetaminophen every six hours which keeps the pain at a five rather than an eight or greater. The last dose is the PM variety which has helped with sleep. I also split my restless legs med...

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