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  1. floridoris

    I Canceled my TKR. Now I'm regretting it!

    You probably made the right decision to cancel the surgery for this month, simply because even when you know (and have accepted) that you need the surgery, it's still quite scary and nerve-wracking. If your nervousness is compounded by uncertainty, that's probably much worse. I put off knee...
  2. floridoris

    PKR Floridoris's Recovery Thread?

    Hello all! It's been a while! 11 weeks post-op. Unfortunately because of the Hurricane (that thankfully did not hit my area at all, but for which preparations still had to be made), I've been putting a lot of stress on my knee. I had to move pots and plants and patio furniture inside, and then...
  3. floridoris

    PKR Floridoris's Recovery Thread?

    Yesterday I drove to the grocery store by myself! It was much better than my last attempt. One milestone in the books! Lately the zingers have migrated lower down my leg, closer to my ankle. Is this normal?
  4. floridoris

    Must I go to a facility or have a live-in keeper?

    Of course you don't have to do anything you don't want to. I chose to go to a rehab facility, and it was the right decision for me. I'm not as physically strong or as self-sufficient as you are. Are their stairs in your home? Do you have a walk-in shower? If you have already had hip surgeries...
  5. floridoris

    TKR Knee#2's Recovery Thread

    @knee#2 I like the new cut. But I understand about making questionable decisions during recovery. I thought I would have some repairs/maintenance work done to the exterior of my house, but I seem to not have chosen well. I didn't do enough research into the companies and wasted quite a bit of...
  6. floridoris

    Return to office job timeline - question and venting!

    I'm 9 weeks out, and I'm trying to think when I might have returned to work, if I were younger and still working. Unfortunately, since it's my right knee, I'm still not able to drive at this point. If it were my left knee, things may well be different. If I could drive, I might have returned...
  7. floridoris

    PKR Floridoris's Recovery Thread?

    @ApricotPie I also had robotic knee surgery. My incision isn't too bad all things considered; not sure if it's because of the robot or because it was a partial. Before surgery, I seriously looked into stem cell injections. I was very much hoping there would be advancement enough for it to be a...
  8. floridoris

    PKR Floridoris's Recovery Thread?

    Hello, all! Today is 9 weeks post-surgery. The good, bad, and indifferent: I'm getting around more - I can go on light errands for 2+ hours and do light yardwork, by which I mean a few minutes of weeding, sweeping, raking. I bend at the waist, as I've been accustomed to doing for so many years...
  9. floridoris

    TKR New Here Looking for Positivity

    We all know what you're going through! The first two weeks are absolutely nightmarish, and I think it really is that way for everybody. It's normal to be in pain and need stronger pain meds at only 10 days after surgery. I had oxydocone for three weeks. At 7 weeks, I'm still on hydrocodone...
  10. floridoris

    PKR Minnesota recovery

    I don't have the first clue how many steps I've been taking, but 5,000 sounds like an awful lot to me. Perhaps others are more qualified to comment. As I understand it, the back of the knee is also quite traumatized by the surgery and is just as inflamed as the front of the knee. So...
  11. floridoris

    PKR Floridoris's Recovery Thread?

    Thanks jockette and kneeper. Knee feels okay today, so it doesn't seem to have suffered ill effects from yesterday's ouch at the surgeon's. Touch wood. I forgot to mention that he said, "You don't need a manipulation..." and having read lots of threads here, I thought, "Of course I don't, why...
  12. floridoris

    PKR Floridoris's Recovery Thread?

    Okay fellow Bonesmarties, tell me what you think about this. Today I went to see the surgeon for a follow-up appointment (7 weeks and 1 day post-op). He asked if I was still doing PT, and I said no. He asked why, and I said that I found it too tiring and just too much. He stretched my leg...
  13. floridoris

    PKR Minnesota recovery

    I started having the tightness in the back of the knee last week. I'm not sure why it took so long for it to show up, but it's making itself known now!
  14. floridoris

    PKR Floridoris's Recovery Thread?

    Yes, comfort - particularly for sleep. Had a rough night last night. Not so much pain per se last night, but the nerve endings kept zapping away. And I'm still not able to lie on my side yet - that does hurt when I try. So if I could lie on my side and the zapping went away, I'd be happy. "If...
  15. floridoris

    TKR Evewwcs's Knee Replacement July 23, 2019

    Lunges? You can have two good knees and hurt yourself doing them. Post-knee replacement? I cannot imagine what would make a professional think that would be a good idea. You must call and them and tell them you're cancelling your appointments. It doesn't matter the reason - it's your body, your...

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