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    FCBayern replied to the thread THR FCBayern's Recovery.
    So at approximately 11 months post THR, 22 months post TKR, and 9 years post TAR, yesterday I hiked 4 miles and 1028 feet into Bryce...
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  • FCBayern
    FCBayern replied to the thread THR I am now bionic.
    Glad to hear you are doing well my friend, happy healing!
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    FCBayern replied to the thread Hip Infection* I'm back home.
    Woot woot! great update! :flwrysmile:
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    FCBayern replied to the thread THR Hip Surgery done and Home.
    I thought it was a brilliant statement as well. I just hope I never have to find out, I've delt with sisters before. :heehee:
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    FCBayern replied to the thread THR Home. (Ouchie).
    Exercising 3 days a week this early is bound to cause you pain. Consider cutting back and just stick to short walks, that's all you need...
  • FCBayern
    There's definitely two paths and both work for people. Other than some peddling with no resistance to help with range of motion I did...
  • FCBayern
    I had my hip replaced about 10 months after my knee on the same side. My knee actually improved further after the hip was done. On the...
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    FCBayern replied to the thread Ankle Need TAR - scared!.
    Hi Doris, I had my TAR almost 9 years ago in December of 2011. As mentioned above it is a 9 month to a year recovery with lots of time...
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    FCBayern replied to the thread THR Left THR- Yesterday!!.
    My doctor recommended that I never again rest with my ankle on my knee, probably over conservative but still makes me squeamish when I...
  • FCBayern
    Still pretty early in your recovery, maybe you just did more than the soft tissues that are still healing liked? That's the most usual...
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    FCBayern replied to the thread THR BroncoinVA Recovery Thread.
    Good update @BroncoinVA the ice machine is a wonder isn't it. Just keep it slow, it becomes really easy to over do as you start felling...
  • FCBayern
    I rarely have pain, and it happens more often if I'm a couch potato, it likes me to stay active. When I do have some pain ice chases it...
  • FCBayern
    FCBayern replied to the thread THR The other side!.
    As you have discovered first hand it's doesn't hurt when you are overdoing it but the next day :groan:
  • FCBayern
    You might want to seriously consider the oxy before leaving on that long a drive. The car is a bad place to be if you get behind the...
  • FCBayern
    Burnt pizza oh no!:gaah: But as early on as you are balance work and the bike even without resistance may have been enough for your hip...


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