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Recent content by evonovitch

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    TKR evonovitch's recovery thread<

    Thanks for the replies. It’s hard to be patient when I think I should feel better than I do. I’m wondering if the Peroneal nerve, which runs from the knee to the foot, is involved.
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    TKR evonovitch's recovery thread<

    I am 6 months post TKR (November 4, 2018), and I continue to have aching pain that runs from the side of my knee down to my ankle. I continue to do stretching, ride a stationary bike for 30 minutes, and do deep water aerobics, so I’m not overdoing it. I also ice and elevate a couple of times a...
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    TKR evonovitch's recovery thread<

    I am 4 months post left TKR. I still have a lot of stiffness and aching pain, particularly on the lateral side of my knee and down my leg to my ankle. Can anyone else relate to that?
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    TKR evonovitch's recovery thread<

    1000 mg. of Tylenol twice a day. Exercises at home 2-3 x a day 1. Extension: foot on chair, lean in, hold 15 sec 3 x. 2.flexion: strap on foot, slide foot toward me 15 x 3. Stretch hamstring and calves. 4. Biking and water exercise for strengthening.
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    TKR evonovitch's recovery thread<

    I am now at 4 months and still experiencing the aching pain from my knee to my ankle. It kept me from sleeping last night and is bothersome all day. Every step hurts as I walk and bend my knee. I have a very tight IT band, but since that goes from the hip to the knee, I don’t think that is...
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    TKR evonovitch's recovery thread<

    My surgery for a total knee replacement was November 5, 2018 (so 13 1/2 weeks post-op). I’m still finding it very challenging with a lot of pain and discomfort, both down the side of my leg (very tight IT band and muscles) and in the knee itself. My extension is -1 and my flexion is 120, so...
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    TKR evonovitch's recovery thread<

    Has anyone had a problem with stitch abscesses? I am 13 weeks post op. About 6 weeks ago I developed the first one at the top of my incision, which was finally getting better after weeks of drainage, and I suddenly developed another one last weekend. For the first I took an antibiotic. Waiting...
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    TKR evonovitch's recovery thread<

    I have the usual tightness around my knee, but I have another pain that bothers me more: an aching from the outside of my knee down my leg and into my ankle on the outside between the bone and the heel. My foot has always been achy, but this particular pain started about 7 weeks post-op. Has...

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